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Confidence by NicoleCherie

Just when I thought there was no more hope, I realized it was up to me to make a change.

How many diets till you realize it's too much?


Many days I wished I hadn't woken up. I would get out of bed and my legs and feet would hurt. I was so unhappy it was constantly reflected by the things I did. I was angry, tired, sad and so much more. I didn't ever think I had the opportunity to make a change because I never believed in myself. I was lazy, unmotivated and lacked self esteem. I was being picked on at work because of my eating addiction. I was blinded and I didn't realize I was my own worst enemy. I have a son who is 3 years old, I wouldn't take him to the park due to shame of how I looked. I didn't have the energy to deal with him in general. Today I am proud to say I made a decision, this decision gave me the confidence I never knew I had. I chose to look for a diet that I could convert into a life time decision that I could follow. It was hard because well I tried about every diet you could think of. So my self doubt in the back of my mind would constantly remind me that it was a waste of money and time to invest in a diet that I knew I would quit after 3 days. My best friend had actually started a diet just a month before and lost in a month about 20-30 pounds and I was shocked, I knew I had to try her diet. "Intermittent fasting" saved my life. This diet helps control your hunger. My stomach has shrank incredibly in size which helps me with my hunger. I used to eat till I felt like I could barf. It was the worst because after I would get swollen and weak. I was killing myself and I knew it, I thought just another day and I will start, or maybe next Monday. I was only lying to myself, I could continue delaying and think it would eventually solve itself. But unfortunately part of weight loss is sacrifice, hard-work and extreme dedication. You have to realize how important you are and how every time you decide to eat whether it be bad or good it will affect you either negatively or positively.

Once you make a decision on eating healthy, it is important to incorporate a workout or something that gets your blood flowing. Exercise is only 20% a part of losing weight but there are so many health benefits when you start. Your sleep will improve, less brain fog, less bloating and swelling. After I decided to incorporate working out and dieting in one it was like I made an entire 360 on my life, I felt like a new person. I was stuck in a bad routine and patterns but I am so glad today that I have made it this far. I really never had confidence in myself, which for a woman really sucks. Confidence is so important. Not only can your weight loss have something to do with your confidence but the people around you have a big impact in your life as well. If you're around people who bring you down it could affect you over all in your life and it even may lead to weight gain. The people in your life are important because a lot of your decisions could be based off them. You need someone who will uplift you and support you in your diet. Sometimes you don't even need a specific diet but just portion control. Realize what you know and think you're doing wrong. Are you eating because of anxiety or because you're bored? Do you over eat? It's all questions that you have to put into perspective.

Personally, I can't say the first 2 weeks of dieting was my favorite. I knew that in order to get to my goal I had to sacrifice and suffer a bit. It was hard because I always relied on food after I went through a stressful day. Not only that but I loved to eat out. It was fast and I was able to save myself from cooking. When that only made things worst. I had to learn to take the time to make my food so I knew what was being put in it and so I knew I was eating as clean as possible. The air fryer has been one of my favorites for cooking. It is fast and definitely my friend after a long day of work. With the air fryer you get less grease and crispiness with amazing flavor.

If you feel like you have no more hope for yourself and that you're "STUCK LIKE CHUCK" guess what? You're not. You have a choice and you are worth it! Nothing in this life is by accident. You have a purpose and don't give up on yourself no matter how many times you fall. Your confidence is worth it.

© 2019 Nicole Boffill

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