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Most Common Question Asked to the Writers—Why Do You Write?

Chitrangada loves to read and write.The many possibilities of Online writing excites, and enthuses her, to rediscover herself as a writer.

Why do you write? What’s the need to write?— Most common questions asked to the writers.

Why do you write? What’s the need to write?— Most common questions asked to the writers.

The most common question asked to the writers—Why do you write?

Recently, I have completed 10 years of online writing and publishing on HubPages. Not that, I was not writing before that.
Since my childhood days, I loved to write and express myself, in personal diaries, school and college magazines, and other print media etc.

I had not realised in those days, that I wanted to be a writer.
Writing came naturally to me, and I enjoyed it. I never felt the need to explain to anyone, about why I do, what I do.
The HubPages journey has been very satisfying, because I came across like minded people, who loved to read my work, and I loved reading theirs.

Ten years is a long time, and I feel good that I have been able to sustain, all the ups and downs, changes, etc. on this platform.

The best part has been the HP community, which has helped me to grow, as a writer.
As I have mentioned above, I was writing before joining HubPages, but I was absolutely new to online writing. So, it was all a learning process, to get accustomed to computers, the unwritten rules of online writing, and I must admit that I have always enjoyed the whole experience.
Writing is addictive, and the writer friends are part of my life, and I cherish this association with them.

Coming back to the most asked question to me, when I tell that I am a writer, to someone, who is not a writer?

Why do you write?

What is the need to write?

So, what all do you write about?

There are so many writers already. What’s the point of becoming another writer?

So, you have a regular job, and still you write?

With all those busy household chores, how do you get the energy to write?

How do you get the time to write, with those kids?

And, what’s the need?

You are a writer? But, are you sure people will read, what you write?

Well, these are some of the questions which people have asked me, several times, when I tell someone in a social gathering, that I am a writer.

I am sure there may be many variations to these types of questions, and my fellow writers can relate to this.

Writing is therapeutic

Writing is therapeutic

The Possible Answers to the Question— Why do you write?

Now, for the possible answers, which I presume, the writers usually give.

I write—-

  • Because, I love to write.
  • Because, I love to express myself, through my writing.
  • Because, I enjoy writing, and it gives me pleasure.
  • Because, I want to write. (Isn’t that reason enough?).
  • Because, I find it therapeutic, and satisfactory.
  • Because, it’s easier for me to write my feelings, than to speak them out.
  • Because, writing can give many interpretations to a subject, and it’s interesting to know other points of view.
  • Because, writing is soothing, relaxing, and gives me space.
  • Because, it is exciting, and to a great extent, addictive to me.
  • Because, I want to help people, with my life experiences, good or bad.
  • Because, it widens your mental horizons, and you learn so many new things, in various spheres.

The main reason for writing is to reflect, to communicate with others, to inform, to stimulate the readers to think, or understand, to help others, with your own experiences.

Writing for your own self

Writing can be for our own self, or for others. In other words, you can choose, to not share your writing, with others.
Well, I have many private written pieces too, just for me.
Because, writing is some kind of a release of emotions, and you feel better to put it down on paper, a kind of therapy.
Try it, to believe it.

Writing for other readers

When we write for others, it’s usually to attract wider readership, for publication.

This might lead to discussions, assessment, reviews, sometimes reactions— which may be favourable or unfavourable. A good writer is always curious to know, the honest review by the readers.
Writing has more long lasting impact than any other means of communication.
A writer has the ability to influence the thoughts and actions of the people, and therefore writing is a work of immense responsibility.

Good writers have influenced the people, by their careful analysis, conviction, arguments, evidence etc.

Writers have the ability to bring reforms, as well as revolutions, in the society.

Such is the power of written words.

Writing is a work of responsibility. A writer may leave this World, but his/ her writing remains.

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