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Commemorating the 75th Anniversary of D-Day, on the Shores of Normandy

Another passion of mine, is learning about and from History. It saddens me that so much is being forgotten or revised.

Presidents Macron and Trump, greeting Veterans

Presidents Macron and Trump, greeting Veterans


I've been so emotional today. If I'm being totally honest with you, I was crying my eyes out for most of the morning, while watching the Commemoration of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day.

Events such as these, get to me every single time!

Hearing the many stories of sacrifice and remembrance, watching the faces of the remaining veterans, in their mid to late 90's now, surrounded by their buddies, caretakers, family and friends, tugged at my heartstrings! If there were any Veterans in attendance, any younger, they long ago fibbed about their age, in order to go to war at the ripe old age of fifteen or sixteen, because their world was much bigger than the space they occupied and they understood what was at stake!

With each new story of bravery beyond their years and with each new story of the many efforts to keep their memory alive, more tears...

Seeing how hands-on, respectful and genuine, President Macron and President Trump were with these men, was a sight to behold.

In their speeches, President Macron said, “I bow down and I thank you” and President Trump referred to their location, the hallowed ground {the shores of Normandy} as "Freedom's altar".....

Amen and so true!

The cost of freedom, comes with great sacrifice and I wonder if that truth is getting lost in today's agenda-driven, fast-paced, hostile, self-absorbed environment...

We must not forget, not just here in America, but wherever freedom is newly sought or long found...but fading fast!

Our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren must be taught this history and they must understand 'the great coming together' which took place, in order to stop and defeat the deadly and destructive onslaught of pure evil.....


A Force for Good

Imagine what it must have been like in Europe during Hitler's reign! Not only were the Jewish people suffering greatly, one small Country after another was trying to survive; some avoid going to war, others making an effort to avoid battle, while others did put up a fight, only to go down in defeat.

Whatever response each Country had, all, were only stepping stones, tools, a be used and abused by Hitler and his not-so-merry-band of Nazis.

The enemy marched through, a destructive force of nature, evil unbound, moving as locusts, inconsiderately plowing through, confidently unstoppable and impenetrable....and they were.....but for for an allied force for good!


What if, the U.S.A, French, British, Canadian, et al...forces hadn't joined together as a band of Brothers?

What if instead they had said, not our fight, not our business, not our cause...

What would Europe look like today, what would this world look like?

Can't imagine, don't want to...but as for us, I don't think we'd be pledging allegiance to the flag of the United States of America nor the Republic for which it stands!

Hitler thought himself unstoppable. He wouldn't have allowed the seven seas or anything else to deter him.

But, he miscalculated, he never considered a thirst for freedom to be greater than his thirst for power and world domination; he was outsmarted, outwitted and the German army was outbattled and defeated.

The Shores of Normandy

The Shores of Normandy

In Remembrance -

Whether it’s the words of President Ronald Reagan in Normandy, France on the 40th Anniversary of D-Day, so eloquently speaking of "the boys of Pointe du Hoc...the men who took the cliffs...the champions who helped free a continent..."

Whether it's President Bill Clinton, on the 50th Anniversary, when he spoke these words, "when they were young, these men saved the world."

Whether it's George W. Bush on the 60th Anniversary of D-Day, reminding us of Reagan's words and reflecting on our Nation's life long relationship with France or whether it is the words of President Donald Trump today, the 75th Anniversary, "you are the pride of our Nation, you are the glory of our Republic and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts”.....we must not forget them!

Their numbers are dwindling, with each Anniversary, less and less in attendance and the day will soon come, when there will not be one left to hear the words or to shake the hand, of a French or American President...

May they always be remembered and forever honored, even so!

Reagan's 'Boys of Pointe du Hoc' speech

© 2019 A B Williams

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