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Color of Fall

Linda is a 56-year-old woman who has lived in the North East all of her life. She has written a book of poetry called "Heartfelt Emotions."


Getting Ready for Color

There is nothing like the color of fall in New England. The warm summer days disappear around the end in September.The days become crisp and cool and you can fell fall in the air. It's time to change the clothes in your closet to long pants and sweaters. Flip flops are put away till next spring and now it is time to see what nature has to offer in the cooler weather


What Causes the Color Change

When I was younger I often wondered what causes the trees to change their leaf color. It amazed me at how beautiful a green leaf could become. Orange, yellows, and reds of all shades.

Many think its the cooler weather that makes the leaves change but that is not the only reason for the spectacular show.

The growth cycle of the trees also plays a huge part in the process and most trees and shrubs are done growing for the year around the end of June. When this happens it is time for them to set their buds for the next year so they begin to turn colors. The shorter chilly days and longer night, along with amounts of chlorophyll in the plants also contribute to this.

If you are interested in reading the scientific process you can find it here:


The Results

Through all of the processes the result is the color of fall. Every year a different view. How vibrant the glow and the exact time it all happens is usually within the first couple of weeks in October.

Visitors from all over the world come to see the show. I myself still love all the colors each one unique and different from the other.

I know I love all the color but I do not like what comes after the leaves all fall. It gets much colder and the snow begins to fall. It will be another year before the color returns to the Northern forests.

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