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Cobwebs: True Social Outcasts

Kenneth Avery is a Southern humorist with well over a thousand fans. The charm and wit in his writing span a nearly a decade.

Cobs have a secret beauty.

Cobs have a secret beauty.

Don't be Ashamed of Cobwebs Because

spiders are still around and have been around for 100 million years. Note: A rare find of Early Cretaceous amber discovered in Sussex, southern England, thousands of spiders build their webs for one purpose: to catch insects to eat. But not all spiders catch their dinner in webs, Some spiders do not build webs whatsoever. If you look at a spider "web," you will see that the web is typically used to refer to a web (i.e. clean), thus, "cobweb" speaks to deserted (i.e. dusty) webs. And sad. Very sad.

A poor, down-trodden mass of cobwebs just hang into whatever corner, underneath beds, couches, and chairs and stay as quiet as church mice. They live in fear of the dust mop, their sworn enemy. A good man good, hard-working cobweb has met its match when all it was doing was help a spider capture something to eat for the ailing spider (due to ag) and up popped that lousy dust mop. And with two swipes. it was out of there. The woman housekeeper who took its life was even grinning an spiteful grin as she swept the cobweb off into that dark bedroom in the sky.

Why not? Cobwebs have as much right to this life as a maggot! Ever think about that? Cobwebs if anything are shy comparable to the octopus who had rather run than have an encounter with a human. You can take a poor cobweb and place it in your hand and throw it to the ground or floor whichever you prefer and then stomp all over it, but you will not hear one complaint from the old cobweb.

Cobwebs do not bother the lives around them.

Cobwebs do not bother the lives around them.

I Ask You, What Has a Cobweb

ever hurt you in some way? Honestly, not a thing. Sure, they get entangled in men and women's hair when they walk too close to them and that is simply because a human does not know that the cobweb in there to begin with.

When I was an awkward teen, I learned the hard way. My dad and I were walking in the woods as we were walking to a great fishing hole and of course my dad was first because he was born leader. I followed him closely, but ran through a few small trees and there it was: a thiick, specially-designed cobweb that all but took my head and almost made a cocoon out of it. I was momentarily scared, but I did not scream to my dad because I did not want him to be upset at my stumbling through the woods.

I was thinking about a cobweb sometime last year and it occurred to me that a cobweb, no matter how you treat them, never show any emotion. They are the Shaolin priests of the place that they occupy. There are times when I have seen an old, beaten-up vehicle that was covered in layers inside the passenger area--in layers across the front and back seats and underneath the dash. Why did the cobwebs decide on that old beaten-up vehicle to start a home and have little "dust bunnies?" This is a great mystery of Scientific Exploration. I think that someone needs to contact National Geographic and see what they say.

Even the darkest dark cannot destroy the most-tender cobweb.

Even the darkest dark cannot destroy the most-tender cobweb.

Parting Thoughts About Cobwebs

cobwebs do not have names as we do. Even when they go on dates, they, I guess, just nod at each other for yes and turn their heads for no. I wonder if the young male cobweb when he finds a pretty girl cobweb asks her to drop down from that corner ceiling and go out with him if he is very nervous? And if he were to misbehave with the female cobweb, her dad has a bucket of cold water at the front door and will dash him with it if needed. The water will destroy any cobweb.
As I close, I confess. I cannot write a perfect abstract/prose poem about cobwebs. But do you know who can? This is just part of my abstract view of cobwebs.

Cobwebs Dance
Stretching near; stretching here
Away from animals; owls just peer.
Cobwebs dance to laughing deer
Spinning webs without fear.

Dark night silently walks down
Up and lays up a queen's crown.
Cobwebs dance and I be a clown
Cobs just strain round and round.

A Safe and Happy Thanksgiving to all at HubPages, and their families and friends and to you, the readers and followers as well. (K.A.)

November 24, 2020___________________________________________

© 2020 Kenneth Avery

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