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Character = Destiny

Keen Writer!!! BE YOU!!! Is the only message. Believes in the power of words than the power of actions.

"Watch your thoughts, they lead to attitudes.

Watch your attitudes, they lead to words.

Watch your words, they lead to actions.

Watch your actions, they lead to habits.

Watch your habits, they form your character.

And it determines your destiny."

From the above lines, we can observe that it all depends on the 'character' of a person. Character is a weapon that can never be bought with money if it is a true and good one. By character, a person changes his destiny as well as the world's destiny because a person's character is the thing that makes him a man.

'No one can change his future destiny' it was once said. But the reality is destiny can be changed! It can be changed by present deeds! It can be changed by your character! Because you make and break your destiny by your character.

Surely, talent is something that inspires people a lot. They look at your talent and ability but no man can make someone else's destiny. It is He (God) who makes it and He is not inspired by talent but by character. He doesn't see what his man can do but He sees how his man can do.

Surely, people want to have a high reputation in society. But no person thinks that reputation leads him to do what others want him to do; not what he wants to do. However, the character is something that will make him do what he himself wants to do and will lead to knowing who he is!

And by being yourself, by being sincere to you and your duties, you can make your fate better because many things will lead you to quicker success but they will all lead you to reputation, not to character. And when the character is lost, everything is lost! So keep your character your first priority because your character is your safety tool without which you are not safe anymore.


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