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Changing Reality...Musings

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lovetherain is a seeker on a strange path and tends to philosophize everything, from the strange and odd to the mundane.


This is a test. This is only a test.

We are here to learn, be tested, and experience this moment in time. Timelines, realities, have merged, to bring circumstances and certain people together who need to be here at this time.

My reason may be different from yours.

This is not going to be fun, Spiritual growth isn't fun. Why would it be? It's hard. It's tough. It's frightening sometimes

But it is necessary.

Your soul needs to grow. We need to learn not to be horrible human beings, not to be cowards. We need to understand that only cooperation and empathy will get us through this.

Overcome greed. Overcome base instincts. Overcome hatred and fear.

More than that, it's time to find out how reality really works. How evolution works. Of course, I don't have it figured out. But I have inklings. I have clues.

It involves our thoughts and emotions. Our emotional energy, and how we spend it. Evolution doesn't take millions of years. It only takes a moment.

Your thoughts affect the world around you. They can change things. Be mindful of what you think.

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