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Celebrating Life

Hey, I am Nishika. I'm a budding writer and enthusiastically explore different areas. I always try to keep myself motivated and enjoy life.


Celebrate Your Life

Why is that we don’t get time to stop? Time, to Just stop for a moment, forget everything that is going on, look around us, absorb the feeling of being able to breathe in and be thankful for about it. On one side, most of us only focus on the fact we live in a fast-paced world and our goal is “accomplishment”, which means getting as much as possible done in a day. However, too many of us do not care to reflect on our accomplishments. On the other side, some people celebrate themselves and their life at every point, despite the problems and struggle they face.

A life without struggle is no good! Just because there are problems in life, we have to keep ourselves motivated to be happy. Problems tend to multiply if we are sad, downcast and generally supportive of a sad mind. Problems grow like leaves on a tree if you water the roots i.e. pay attention, the problems bloom. So being happy and radiant about everything in life is a sure antidote to sadness.

Life is not any game like Temple Run or Subway Surfers. It is a mystery where we don't know what is going to happen next and we wait for the awe of the present. Not all presents can be of our choice and liking, but accepting every gift gratefully is what makes it precious.

Life gives us many gifts and we should relish them all, explore them and celebrate them. Every day is a celebration of life and every day brings in a new dawn. We might gain or lose something as days go by but we must never lose our wisdom. When we see life with eyes of wisdom we learn to let go of negative emotions and live with a smile and laughter which emerges from the core of our being which not only lights up our life but the life of those around us.

Life can be quite simple, happy and saddening at times and maybe full of struggle. Our challenge is to embrace, appreciate and celebrate it every day.

Upcoming will be a series of stories of people with a positive outlook towards life. Together let's discover stories of people who find positivity and happiness in little things, despite the major problems in their life and to know, what are their ways of Celebrating Life?

© 2019 Nishika Chhabra

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