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Celebrating Animal Miracles


We are constantly surrounded by people in our daily lives that a small fraction of our thoughts is saved for animals, breathing the same air as we are, unless we own pets. What goes unnoticed is the trail of hardworking ants on the bark of a tree, monkeys playing hide-and-seek and a calf taking its first steps. This article aims to raise awareness about the beauty that we can find in animals as well as their needs.

Animals, The True Victims

Pollution comes into direct contact with animals, only to hurt or kill them and destroy their habitats, whereas humans often make themselves the victims of harmless criticism. While animals are not appreciated enough, this is compounded by the fact that their population is reducing. The defense mechanisms of animals are still capable of being undermined by activities like poaching, hunting, deforestation and pollution. Humans can never get enough despite all of what animals have been through like the threats.

Voice Of Animals

There is more to an animal sound than noise or music. Animals produce sounds to communicate in different events like danger, seeking mates, and hunger. Animals have a language of their own but it's too ambiguous to be understood by humans. It takes an open mind to see through the animal sounds and become the voice of animals by standing up to them. We could support causes to protect their rights. If you think about it, animals have their own livelihood and humans have spoiled the image of animals roaming freely in the wild and bubbling joyously under the sea, with greed in their hands.

Little Things

We take for granted the little things that animals have brought about. For instance, the sound of birds chirping in the morning, fruits resulted from insect pollination and companionship. Savoring those moments by taking pictures is not the same as observing them happen naturally without means of technology. Take a moment to take in whatever animals have offered to us.

Gifted Animals

As much as we humans like to think we are the most blessed, animals are able surpass the limit of our abilities, depending on the environment that they live in. Polar bears easily adapt to the cold whereas we ironically use their fur to keep warm. Dolphins are able to find food by using an ability termed echolocation, where they emit sounds and make use of the echoes. Humans are merely one type of being on the planet.


The ecosystem would not be whole without the existence of animals. They play a significant role to the ecosystem. In fact, small animals are still important in the food chain as larger animal consume them. Disruption in the food chain affects the ecosystem, which is vital for our survival. What we don't notice is that humans and animals are one and the same in the completeness of the ecosystem.



Simple Animals

On the earth that we live on, humans have developed a life to earn a living such as infrastructures, services, education, facilities and so much more. This recognizes the human needs to achieve a life worth living. Human needs according to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs comprise of self-fulfillment needs, psychological needs and basic needs. While we have needs that go above the basic needs in the hierarchy, animals have it simpler, with basic needs being their main priority. With that understanding, humans should empathize with animals as their human activities have made it difficult for animals to obtain their needs. We should hold animals in high regard, not because of their colourful prints, but because animals live with minimal needs compared to us. This comparison is especially significant when it comes to seeking material possessions. Instead of seeking jewelry, an animal would probably keep more food for itself.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Animals Represent Love

Animals don’t speak but their actions speak for themselves. Like how human mothers take care of their children, animal mothers do the same. An animal mother’s love is pure in that it comes from their natural instinct.

Animal Mom

Animal Mom

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