Celebrate Mom

Updated on May 11, 2018

For just a moment, I'm going to take a break from my often times juvenile, but always genuine attempts at humor, and take a turn on the soap box. This Sunday is Mothers Day. It's important to note that throughout human history, hundreds of different cultures, separated by centuries, having no knowledge of each other's existence, had the same thoughts and were compelled to set aside a day, or sometimes weeks, complete with festivals and huge parties, to celebrate one of, if not THE most important job there has ever been, motherhood. Now, before any of you spout off about how your job is so stressful, or physically demanding and difficult, let me say "shut up, you're not even close." Now, certainly there are many examples of women who are horrible mothers and nothing could be more sad. But for every one of them, there's a million women who have been shouldered with the immeasurable burden of caring for, and providing for us as defenseless infants. Praising us and celebrating countless milestones, and magically healing even the harshest of "Boo-Boos" throughout adolescence. Giving us direction and instilling moral character, manners and the ability to handle adversity, all the while consoling our "major" drama and teen angst, preparing us to be quality, contributing members of adulthood. All the while protecting and loving us unconditionally. Your mother feels everything you feel. When you're in pain, SHE is in pain and would gladly take your pain and add it to hers, so you would feel better. If you lost an arm, she'd happily rip her own arm off and expertly sew it on your shoulder. When you're sad, she's sad, and when you achieve, there is no other person in the world, who could be as proud of you.

I'm certain the reason it was women who were given this daunting task is because they are so incredibly strong. I'm not talking brute, physical strength, I could beat my mom at arm wrestling when I was 14. I'm talking about "real" strength. The emotional, mental and psychological strength it takes to put up with our whiney, annoying, selfish little asses, and still have the ability to do all I listed before, instead of murdering us. So, this Sunday, maybe stop whining and being selfish for a day, and do something nice for your mother. She's done everything for you and she deserves far more than you can give. And realize, there may come a day when you will miss her. That day came for me in August, 2013. I'd give everything I own for the opportunity to be annoyed by another email or feel nagged when she reminds me of so and so's birthday or roll my eyes at her advice just one more time. My mother was an angel. As all mothers are. So thank you, mom. For the countless sacrifices and comforting hugs. And for letting me beat you at arm wrestling when I was 14...

That is all..

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