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Mental Healthcare

This story is written for the awareness of importance of mental health and dangers of mental health issues.

The beauty of life is in harmony, love, compassion, consideration for others, and celebrating each other's happiness and grieving over their grief.

And the truth is, It's a way more hard to deal with the invisible monster of a disturbed mental health that harms you from inside than being in a dual with someone!

— Muqaddas Jehangir

Make a difference :

A rainbow can only appear after it has rained. After difficulties, a lesson is learned. You are the embodiment of purity, a rainbow of hope, and a message of love if your lesson helps someone else avoid experiencing the same agony. The world needs you to make a difference.

This is how I decided to be a Mental health activist :

My brother, My grandfather, who served as our sole source of support when our parents passed away, and I used to live together. I grew up in his loving arms, under his tender care, and under his constant protection. Due to the extreme humiliation he endured at the hands of his daughter, my grandpa started to exhibit some signs of being slightly disturbed.

After that, he continued to be silent for some days. He needs some time to forget about it, I reasoned. I thought that in order to avoid upsetting him, I should avoid talking to him about this topic. I looked after him but kept quiet about what had happened to him because I believed that with enough time, he would be well.

On a grey day, I found him unconscious on the floor when I got home from work. I hastily drove him to the hospital. I continued to wait outside the emergency room until I was asked to meet him inside.With shivering legs, sweating face, I went inside the room where he was admitted and sat close to him.

His cold fingers gripped my arm as I plunged into darkness, the darkness that still lives inside me. With trembling lips, I bid him farewell. I saw him struggle to breathe, and suddenly, there was a silence : A never-ending silence. The two little globes in his eyelids that had the expertise of the whole world, were now unmoving . His fragile grip of my arm disentangled, his hand fell from my arm as a withered leaf fall from a tree. My eyes were streaming with tears as I clasped his hand in mine, expressing how heartbroken I was. I closed his eyes with my hand, however that moment of realization opened my very own eyes for the first time in life.

I never realised that my grandfather suffered from depression brought on by betrayals, harsh treatment from others, implicit feelings, and unsaid words. During a period of unconsciousness and uncertainty about this fleeting life, the thought "How could someone with such a powerful disposition reach his death bed owing to mental health lssues!" kept resonating in my head.

"Struggling with internal conflicts is tougher than being in pairs with someone"; said Doctor Ali tapping on my shoulder. He continued, "I know that the loss of this precious person from your life is Irreversible , however better than mourning is moving on and make in this world, an amendment by spreading awareness concerning mental health issues."

I feel like I have to be buried with him in this darkness that is engulfing me; it feels like a cemetery. Why are we so careless when it comes to adding daylight in somebody’s dark night! ”, I interrupted.

“Don’t blame yourself. How can someone acknowledge the darkness if one has no eyes to envision it. You were wholly unaware " Doctor Ali continued, "But now, you can be a savior of the many more lives! "

"Obviously You! Never in your life should you neglect to show consideration for people who are alone."

In that moment of sorrow and loss, I vowed to become an advocate for mental health issues and to spread kindness throughout the world.
A teardrop that was sort of like a drop of rain offering hope to a land devastated by drought flowed down my cheek and landed on my grandfather's hand that I was still holding.

Importance of Mental health :

Realizing the value of mental wellness is crucial. Sometimes, the stress that results from our words might further push a person into depression, which is no less than a prison.

Words are Valuable-Add value to your words:

"You should be quiet if you can't speak politely."

Words have value. They have the power to cast someone into darkness, yet they can also cause someone to emerge from darkness. Since we may argue for our point of view without offending the person next to us, we should use our words carefully to avoid offending others. Why not to be polite then?

What can you do to start your campaign for mental health?

  • Start spreading awareness about this issue. Use your social media platforms for this purpose.
  • Always give a fallen person a helping hand.
  • Be a solace to someone who is in need.
  • Offer advice to someone who is despondent.
  • Shed light on someone who is enveloped in darkness.
  • Take is seriously and make people take it seriously.

I want support from all of you in this campaign of Mental health issues awareness.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2022 Muqaddas Jehangir

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