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Calling for Unity

A Mohawk Warrior calling for Unity

A Mohawk Warrior calling for Unity

There was a small traditional Pow-wow this past weekend, here in the city (Toronto) and I took the Unity/Warrior flag out to the event. Here I must say that although most people call this flag the “Warrior Flag”, it is not. Indeed it has the face of a Mohawk Warrior on it but this flag signifies Unity. It is the “Unity Flag”. The face of the Mohawk Warrior is surrounded by rays of Sun, shooting out in all directions. Those rays of the Sun are the Mohawk Warrior’s message and call-out to all nations and all tribes, to come out and join him in his cause(s).

That is why I carry the flag myself, to let the flag call-out warriors and people in general to come join the cause of reconciliation, to bring everyone to respect the Treaties, to find solutions and healing regarding the murdered and missing aboriginal women; to protect the water, air and earth. All these issues and more need to be addressed. I know we can do it but we need Unity. These things cannot be done by any one person. We need to understand that we are in it together, whether we like it or not. Thus, coming together is critical.

Sure we might be following different religions and come from different cultures but I am not mistaken I do not think, to say that the vast majority of us simply wish to have a pleasant life, for us and our family. That, we all have in common. With that in mind, we have to be aware of what our actions, or inaction is doing not only regarding ourselves but those around us as well. Just like none of us would go home and eat all the food from the fridge, leaving nothing left for our family members, so in life we want to think of our neighbor’s well-being as well.

I lost my home in Romania when my parents brought my sister and me to Canada but not very long after, I realized that Canada (at least geographically speaking) was very much like Romania. I could still go gather berries in the summer/fall. I can still go fishing in crystal-clear rivers and lakes. I can still go hiking and camping and enjoying nature exactly as I did back home. Everything is just as good here as it was there, which made me realize that my home is not Romania, or Canada. My home is planet Earth. Your home is planet Earth as well. So, will You join the Mohawk Warrior in protecting the well-being of our home and the people who live in our home?

In the last few days I watched some concerning reports from around the world. In Hong Kong after 17 weeks of protests, a police officer shot a teenager point blank in the chest this past weekend. Will we stand-by watching tyranny take place and shrug it off? Or will we stand with the people of Hong Kong in their struggle for freedom and help in any way we can? That is our choice. I call for Unity among the masses.

Last Friday (28th Sept. 2019) I watched a report of Al Jazeera from Somalia titled: “Planet SOS: Millions displaced as Somalis flee widespread drought”. My heart goes out to my Somali brothers and sisters who have struggled with political violence for decades on end, on top of the draughts and famines which they endured and are enduring as we speak. We need to find solutions to the troubles in Somalia because it is unrealistic to house millions upon millions of displaced people somewhere else in Africa, or Europe for that matter. All African countries have their own set of difficulties and Europe is more or less saturated. We have space here in Canada but we do not have the infrastructure to support a significant influx of refugees.

Last night, I watched a report from Vietnam, done by the BBC titled: “The Displaced: Climate change in Vietnam 'destroying family life'”. In the South-Eastern part of Vietnam, in the Mekong Delta 1.3 million people have been displaced due to rising water levels. This has affected farming as well because the salty ocean water has been creeping into farm lands making the soil acidic and no longer good for agriculture. People are on the move. The situation is dire.

I can go on with such examples of people no longer being able to live a pleasant life, as we all wish to have but then, I’d be turning this article into a book. There are many issues facing our well-being these days on this planet which we all call home. With that in mind, I think there are opportunities for all of us to be involved in one way, or another and help-out our neighbors. If we do not help now, we will all end-up with greater struggles down the road. There is no way we will skip-out the challenges coming to us. What we can do though, is work together like ants, to secure and build a better, safer and more pleasant home for all of us. Da-na’-ho-we-yo.

I wish all the best to everyone!

Planet SOS: Millions displaced as Somalis flee widespread drough

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