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Bullies, Your Time Is Very Limited

Kenneth does have a passive attitude toward certain issues in life, but not with sexual harassment and bullying. I can't let these areas go.

It's About Time That

I stood up to you and not going to run. I am going to stand my ground whether you like it or not. I know that I do not sound very sensitive right now, but there has come a time in my life when one has to say, I couldn't care less. I mean, you certainly did not care to hurt my feelings and others with me--you just breezed into my classroom, workplace, and sometimes, my home--took charge, spoke your stupid mind and I let you. I am physically sick as I remember how much pain you (and other bullies) have caused not just me, but those civil-minded folks who mind their business, some measure of humiliation that stunted their success and caused a lot of depression in my life and theirs.

Speaking solely about how I have been mistreated in and out of high school, workplaces, and even church locations, I can fully-understand the “silent encounters and battles” are taking place (at this writing) in some workplaces, churches, and even in the home. Of course, I am not changing my initial thought. This paragraph does apply to how the bully formerly “ruled the roost” at any place he/she chose. And sadly, this fact is still intact because of the fear that the bully projects to innocent employees or even family members, yes, so-called husbands who abuse their wives (and kids)—simply because they, jerks, who wear the name, “husband,” simply by intimidation which is a stronger version of FEAR.

I could not go forward with this subject, unless I inject a dose of fairness when I say that there are places in some homes where it is the wife, not the husband, who goads and bullies their husband. This, I know is just one of the ugly, nasty facts that I have shared, but life is that way many times. Unless we as a civil-minded people learn to band-together, get our priorities in line and go through the legal and legislative powers in order to slow down the bullying that is seen frequently on the evening news.

Neither you or I cannot promise that any or all Anti-Bullying, including Child Bullying/Abuse, will be dealt with and made to become less-intimidating when it comes to sexual harassment in every place including the workplace.

Victims of Sexual Harassment and Bullying are loners, thanks to these two groups.

Victims of Sexual Harassment and Bullying are loners, thanks to these two groups.

To Review Some Drastic

scenes in the workplace, there was a time when the Male employees ruled-over the female employees simply because of their gender, and because they answered to a Male Boss and you know and I know that “if” a female employee were to file a complaint against a Male Employee for sexual harassment, the charge would be swept underneath the carpet or forgotten altogether. Again, you know and I know that this is true. And the ugly infraction of Males treating Females like dogs, cannot be tolerated anymore. And while there has been countless books, video’s, and seminars presented to stop bullying/sexual harassment, these counter-measures were simply a waste of time. After he seminars, the bullies kept on going bullying the females who HAD to have a job simply because their husband bailed leaving the wife with two kids, so in this case, who really is the Victim and the Overbearing Bully?

I can admit that in (some) companies, big or small, there have been CEO’s and managers who grew weary of “slapping wrists” when bullying WAS brought to light, so they got legal help in installing serious safeguards against bullying and sexual harassment and the New Rules of Employee Interaction might go like the following . . .

Male employee: “Wow-eee, Jane, that dress is just tight and just right!”

Female employee: “Uhh, please do not say things like this again—or I will report you for Sexual Harassment.”

Male employee: “Just who will you report to, the boss? Honey, I AM the boss! Haw, haw, haw!”

The above is only one mild example of Sexual Harassment in the Old Days—because it was the Male Employees who got away with all sorts of Sexual Improprieties and never brought to justice. And there was a time that we all looked the other way because we all knew that boys will be boys which is the roots of men will be men and we all know from the news stories in and on TV that none of these things help the problem in any shape, form, or fashion.

The following just might be a New Anti-Sexual Harassment Safeguard:

Male employee: “Say, Sue! I love that sweater you are wearing!”

Female employee: “Listen, Mr. Jones. I find your remark to be very offensive and if you or those like you, continue to say things like this, I will sue you and this company for Sexual Harassment.”

Male employee: “Uhhh, but all I said was I love your sweater. Was that wrong?”

Female employee: “Yes, Mr. Jones. What I wear is none of your concern. Got that?”

Me? I like the New Code of Anti-Sexual Harassment Safeguard—which does not hold the offensive remarks made by male, and oh yes, female employees. This has not been a Male ONLY text. I have, you have to admit, be fair about Bullying and Sexual Harassment.

Victims of Bullying/Sexual Harassment do not have a peaceful life.

Victims of Bullying/Sexual Harassment do not have a peaceful life.


I know and I do realize that Sexual Harassment and Bullying is not only found in workplaces, but schools, businesses, and church, and the “victims” are the only defense in getting such nasty behavior stopped.

Sometimes, talking to (a) boss is not enough. If you can provide the manager written proof witnessed by another employee, the better the case that you have in stopping the Sexual Stalker.

And before I leave and neglect the bullies and sexual stalkers, let me give these groups fair warning. Your time of pushing the innocent people around you is growing short. Even as I speak, there is now a new legislation that is coming very soon to make things difficult for you to thrive in the workplace, any place, where YOU have been feared and making the weaker people fear you. If I were you, I would wise-up and learn how to play nice with the nice people around you. It can’t hurt.

To the victims of Bullying, I am advocating is Do NOT Play Fair when it comes to Bullying and Sexual Harassment. It is your life and your reputation that is at stake.

June 10, 2019_______________________________________________

© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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