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Building a Meaningful Life, Inspired by Bill Holland

I have a keen interest in writing articles, essays, short stories, and fiction. And I love to share them here.

I make my bed and say my morning prayers. Have breakfast. Check my emails but hardly read the news. I think in silence and grope for short story ideas based on personal experience. Recently I take two weeks to publish a new story. In one week, I post a new story, but in the second week, I modify and improve a previously published article.

Do my laundry and have lunch cooked by my Mom. On some Sundays we have pizza. I treat my family to pizza sometimes on these days.

Say my afternoon prayers. I have started praying all five times. Sometimes to de-stress, I also recite the Quran. That way, I make my life more meaningful.

After I mentally decide on a story, I keep separate times for writing drafts and selecting images to go with my tale. My recent articles have two to four pictures, and a poll is optional. I love getting comments on my articles and replying to them back in the HP community. I also love reading and commenting on others’ articles in the HP environment.

Proofread story drafts twice and finally check with Grammarly to give a final touch to my articles. Then proofread again and eventually post my articles on HP.

I have dreams to publish short stories eBooks on Amazon, but first, I have to settle a few things with my bank here. I have been corresponding with a lady at the bank about this, but she got transferred. So, I have to restart the discussion with another bank officer.

Then I can get started on the baby steps to publishing my book(s). So far, my work online has been free. I give and love to give. But I have worked as a faculty member of a private university for years and saved from my salary. From those savings, I made money out of money. I am doing pretty good now, not working.

My work online is something I enjoy and love. It is more like a passionate hobby. I know I can monetize my hobby but have not yet.

My field of expertise is originally Computer Science and Engineering. I have acquired BSc and MSc degrees in it. Now I aim for a Ph.D.

I have earned my BSc degree at home and MSc degree from abroad. I would very much like to acquire a Ph.D. degree from abroad. Then I would like to work in the academic area there. It would be like a dream come true. And that is how I yearn to build a meaningful life.

I have reached my forties but have not married. I didn't find my perfect soulmate so far. But if I happen to find him while abroad or while here, I am all for it. I think a person needs to be educated not only academically but also matrimonially, which I didn't think in my late 20s and 30s.

While I stay here in my country, I will keep writing probably for HubPages. I know to enhance my writing, I need to read books- books of all categories for growth and further development.

That way I make my life, while I stay here, more meaningful. Getting lost in a sea of books certainly gives me a wonderful feeling.

Pic: Enjoying in a Sea of Books

Pic: Enjoying in a Sea of Books

Another area I would improve is health-wise. I am a little overweight. I would like to cut off my intake of carbs and sugar to smaller portions and eat my meals and snacks in less proportion and exercise by walking around my block. I know, within a month, I would see a noticeable change.

I could improve my mental health by keeping my thoughts positive, filtering out the negative ones. Anyone is apt to have both positive and negative thoughts. But I would like to work on thinking positively most of the time. This is where self-help books come in. They usually have plenty of tips on how to help yourself to work towards your goals, how to keep your thoughts positive, and how to improve your wellbeing.

Pic: A Stack of Self-Help Books

Pic: A Stack of Self-Help Books

With all the above pointers set and reset and set again, I am sure I will be well on my way to building a meaningful life.

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