Brut Was Released 51 Years Ago, and Still Smells Like a Man

Updated on September 22, 2019
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Many of my hubs originate from my teenage years and those past twenty. Some pieces were funny. Some were sad,.Some were down right scary.


In 1968 I Was

sentenced to the wonderful eighth-grade. (notice the sarcasm) I know. The U.S.A. had begun to change in its political stance, wardrobe, hair length, and music that we loved to hate, but loved anyhow. For my friends, (all six of them) we never saw or felt any of those bizarre changes so we endured our place in the universe and even with struggles, even with us guys being touched by puberty, made it out of Junior High by the grace of God. I am not a religious person, but I do know God exists. I have proof. I exist.

But this is not about God, so I will just respect and reverence Him and talk to you about men. Some guys. Old, middle-aged, and young. How I yearn on the inside to be a pre-teen again and experience the growing-up, living, and securing what was what and what was not. Sigh. I also would love to have a redo of my teenage years (out of junior high) and start my campaign on making every pretty girl in our school go out on a date with me. That was, I guess, a bit far, but it is not a sin to have big dreams. If you have a problem with this, ask God about it.

I am going to talk about my subject in a few minutes, but please humor me to touch the highlights on my teenage years that included being stood-up; lied to by a girl whom I did love and burning the tires off of my car on weekends just hoping that I would (just) meet that one pretty girl who had eyes to hypnotize, a laugh to paralyze, and hair that I would lose my mind with. Did I ever do this? I came close one time. Close beats none at all.

I Was Rolling at Age 17

I had a car, money, well, a car. I had to negotiate with my dad for some spending money, but when you have no male pride, you will agree to almost anything asked by a parent. The one area of my life was when I was getting ready to head to town or head to some girl’s home to pick her up for a date for the drive-in films, a bite to eat at one of our local restaurants, or maybe taking a ride with her and talking. My interests were limited, so I let her do the talking.

One of the best things that I, or any male, could do as he was dressing for a night out, was splashing the Brut cologne onto my body and inhaling the amazing aroma of this nectar that girls went crazy for. Well, not crazy for, but most of them liked it. I even had to ask some of the girls that I knew if they liked it or not. And I did not have to hand them any cash or do some outlandish favor for them liking my Brut.

To me, and this opinion is about me, Brut cologne simply smelled like a man. That is pretty much all that Brut was produced for. Men. Why? I do not know how to answer that because I am not a chemist. All that I know is from 1970 until today in 2019, I still love Brut, no matter how many other bottles and spray bottles of that off-beat men’s cologne that my relatives used to give me for Christmas or my birthday. That Brand X cologne did nothing for me. I cannot answer for you, just me. I loved to wear Brut and that is it. No long essay’s to explain why.

To Be Brutally-Honest With You (Get it?)

I do not know all there is to know about Brut. But I do know that Brut Cologne Splash in the Brut in the 25.6 ounce was created by by Faberge, one of the most-noted cologne and perfume creators in our free word. Most of the world’s population likes their products because their profit margin each year is staggering while bringing in the billions. This is nothing to sneeze at.

Brut is from the design house of Faberge. The cologne is a alluring cologne that men somehow love because they buy so much of it. Brut even comes with some social advice: Brut is designed to be worn in the evening. I can testify that when I wore Brut, it was not so loud that my female dates never aked for my handkerchief so they could put it over their nostrils. And most of my dates all begun to smile when they hopped into my car. Do I need to tell you why?


Celebrities Speak-Out For Brut

and one of them is known world-wide by the title, “King,” aka/Elvis Presley. I cannot tel you if the following is a rumor or just good chamber talk, but Presley’s main bodyguard, Red West, said in a magazine interview that he remembered a time when Presley was at some big arena that had been sold out to hear him sing and while on backstage, Elvis was missing. West knew the prank. But in a half-hour, West was stationed near the stage entrance when he smelled Elvis walking toward him. Later, West revealed that Presley loved to wear Brut so much that before each concert, he would spray two bottles and splash another bottle of Brut. West injected that Presley was the only celebrity that you could smell before you seen him.

Elvis was not the only male celebrity who wore Brut. Men such as Chuck Norris, Nick Nolte and Bruce Lee because the cologne gave him confidence. I can go out on a limb and say the same about the other action stars.As for the dramatic stars of film: Leonardo DiCaprio, Burt Reynolds, and David Bowie, are known to wear Brut.

And Today as I Write This

piece, I am both happy and sad at the traveling back to those care-free, single days when all that I had to worry about was graduating high school, dating pretty girls, and finding a good job. I can tell you that two of the three dreams came true.

But truly, the memories of my wearing Brut Cologne in my younger days went all the way back tome when I married my wife in 1975. Of course, I was very nervous at having to stand-up in front of our friends and repeat my vows. I had never before been a part of a wedding. I have heard that a funeral is similar with a wedding with all of that crying, embracing, and flowers of every design sitting on everything that had a flat place.

So here is how Brut saved my big day. On the day of our wedding, after I had taken a good bath, I was toweling-off and there it was, the answer to my nerves: Brut Cologne. Yes, Brut. When I saw my bottle sitting where it always sat in my bathroom, I almost cried. I grabbed the green plastic bottle, uncapped it and splashed my body good—so much so that I begun to feel settled and having such peace about me. All from my trusty plastic bottle of Brut. And if you do not believe it, I cannot help it. All that I know is that it works, and works now.

Brut Cologne is my very best friend, as well as being my best man.

September 22, 2019_________________________________________________

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