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Eat,Work, Sleep, Repeat...


I had an idea to create a sequence of streams flowing across the sidewalks in large metropolitan cities and parks such as, New York or London. The idea would be to break the monotonous rhythm of people’s everyday lives. The streams would be in channels of varying width, some 6 inches wide and others only an inch wide flowing in straight horizontal lines across the sidewalk. The water would be in a recycling flow. The channels would be several inches deep, but rounded at the edges, which would make a gradual ascent until flush with the sidewalk as to prevent any injury. The channels of flowing water would be spaced apart randomly forcing those walking to work to break their rhythm and to pay attention to their environment and surroundings. They would have to step over the streams or get their shoes wet, it’s their choice. Too often have I seen people in large cities walking with great speed and determination that they forget the individuals around them, nature, and the very thing that sustains their lives, water.

This symbolic landscape would allow people to, in my opinion “wake up” from their zombie like state of walking to work. Water is a precious resource and we need to pay attention to it. In our daily lives we often take it for granted, especially in large cities where water is wasted and polluted without regard for our future generations.

There are two aspects to this symbolic landscape that I want to bring to light. The first is the awakening of people’s awareness to their environment and surroundings. Work is important, but we must always remember that our roots are in nature and there are other people in this world beside ourselves. Perhaps this would help individuals develop more consideration for others while developing consideration for nature itself. The second aspect is the crucial importance of water to our survival. The water in these channels would flow all-day and everyday, but randomly every few months they would be shut off. This is a symbolic gesture that signifies that if we don’t pay attention one day this could happen to our fresh water supply as well. I think people would be forced to pay attention to the streams of water everyday, perhaps get a little annoyed, and would eventually get used to it, but I think they would wonder what happened the day it stopped flowing. The recycling water would also get dirty throughout the day. This would be symbolic of what’s happening to the water and the environment on a daily basis as we continue to exploit the earth’s resources without restraint. It would show people that they must start thinking of ways to protect the environment and the water that sustains our lives. We often go about our daily lives without thinking about nature or how earth’s water supplies and environments are being polluted. Perhaps the visual contrast between the clean morning streams flowing across the path that they had to avoid and the evening brown flowing water in the same streams would awaken their minds to what’s happening in the world.


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