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Biker Ladies, not Babes, Duhhhh

I was born in the south. I live in the south and will die in the south. This is only a small part of the memories I share.

This is how I envision the society of tomorrow with the girl taking the lead and her man riding behind her.

This is how I envision the society of tomorrow with the girl taking the lead and her man riding behind her.

Frankly, and Without Apology

I’ve had it. I cannot swallow the propaganda that has tried to give women a dark name. I mean what I say. I am going to present my points and I don’t really care if it offends the entire nation. The time has come to step-up and jump on my soapbox and tell you just how offensive that women have been treated.

From sexual harassment to down-right telling colorful lies about how modern women are treated and these careful offenders of the female citizens look straight into whatever camera is shooting and act as if women are still living in the 1940s and having to work in order to get a vote. This is serious business, this. No monkey business will be written (by me) in this piece because it is THE truth.

Ladies, I join your plight for equal rights in the workplace as well as other areas that you are given lip service to soothe your questions about “why” you are treated like second class citizens and those guilty parties will only chuckle and start all over again when the sun comes up.

Words escape me.

Words escape me.

How I Arrived at This

position about How Women are Treated has been stuck in my craw for many years. I have been very vocal about how women should be respected both in and out of the office and my wife (of 43 years) has heard my Pro-Women arguments and the first time that I sat her down on our honeymoon, she looked stunned at how I appreciate women for all the right reasons.

For example. When I first watched the Donna Reed Show, I was smitten by Reed who was cast as Donna Stone, the wife of Carl Betz who portrayed as Dr. Alex Stone—and you can guess, Donna was really “second fiddle,” but the majority of the plot lines were about her. Okay. Then why didn’t Reed be the star of the show and I mean in the credits and scripts? I guess I have worn out this argument about the Male Dominated Atmosphere that was present in the 1960s.

I was equally-smitten by June Lockhart who played Ruth Martin on the hit show, Lassie. But the male credits were Hugh Reilly who portrayed Paul Martin along with Jon Provost as lovable Timmy Martin who had to share the fame with Lassie who did receive a lot of fan mail. Still, Lockhart was never cast as a leading lady—not even in Lost in Space and we all can see where she stood in this male-oriented environment.

I know that I am “beating a dead horse,” as the older rural Americans said in the early 1950s, because this hub will not get 80% in agreeing with this piece, but I will be glad if I can only reach a solid 45%. I am not hard to please.

These girls need to lead the way in riding a bike.

These girls need to lead the way in riding a bike.

As Time Continued to March on

several things in our country helped to form a somewhat-radial society. Hippies swooped down at huge rock concerts and got out of hand by the local police. The Vietnam Conflict was going strong and men of the draft age, stood in defiance and burned their draft cards as a sign that “we are so sick of this war as well as the entire political chemistry,” so change was tough in coming . . .so what about my heroines? What about my heroines?

Big, powerful TV networks, NBC, CBS, and ABC gave in to promote within to give women a bigger role in their operations such as news anchor and editing positions, but this is NOT what has made my stomach turn. I will get right to it without anymore breath and computer charge being wasted.

I Have Watched and Heard

people, old and new, the men of America and possibly the world, open their mouths and they let go with a barrage of phrases meant to demean women and build up the men. Such asinine things as . . .”My Old Lady,” “Ol’ Bag,” “The Old Ball and Chain,” and this one: “My Cook and Main Bottle Washer.” I ask you men, do any of these phrases EVER hold any respect for your wife or girlfriend? I am being honest here?

Of the three stupid phrases said by men who “say” they respect women, but don’t, I think that the “My Old Lady,” line is just too much to absorb. I ask you, women: how can you withstand a phrase like this one—that was conceived by a wild jackass found braying in the woods? If you have withstood such anti-female lines, I give you even more credit and appreciation for never giving-in or allowing defeat define you with these phrases that do nothing but insult you, women of the USA.

Although these terms of endearment are used . . .”Chick,” “Sweetie,” “Sweet Cheeks,” “Bedroom Eyes,” just might be used by a lonely guy trying to impress a vulnerable girl, believe me, real women do NOT like to be talked to like this doofus was trying to do.

I guess that I could touch on my headline that pretty much sums-up my feelings about gorgeous girls who are always sitting behind a burly, dangerous, law-breaking guy, so I beg to ask, why put the gorgeous girl in the back and let her in front? Burly, dangerous men on Harley’s, the other guys in the country would stand-up and take notice as you and your gorgeous Bike Lady are zooming down the highway. Soon it would be a pattern for Equality for Women and I think that I would like that as well.

I do hope that when you have finished reading this submission, you will know that I was very serious-minded as I wrote this in Total-Defense for you Ladies, not Babes. If only one woman reads this hub and then feels good about themselves . . . .GREAT!

May 5, 2019_________________________________________

Isn't this how a girl  and a guy ride a big motorcycle?

Isn't this how a girl and a guy ride a big motorcycle?

© 2019 Kenneth Avery

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