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Beyond the Blue Door

Greg spent 10 years in the US as a foreign student, growing up during turbulent times and falling in love with the people and the country.

Do paintings tell more than just one story ?

This is a story about a painting. A painting that my wife recently made when she felt inspired to make one of an angel embracing two children. I have attached a picture of the painting to show you.

It is a painting with a story to tell.

The painting as it presently appears

Yvette stands next to her painting, "Beyond The Blue Door""

Yvette stands next to her painting, "Beyond The Blue Door""

A short description of the painting

There are three figures portrayed in the painting, one angel and two children. The older child is clothed in red and stands in the middle of the three figures with his hand pointing at the blue door in the background. The younger child is bundled in a green blanket and happily asleep. The angel protectively embraces the two children. It appears that the older child is looking directly at us, and is about to say something, but it is his pointing finger that says everything.

What does the painting mean to the artist?

When my wife finished the painting in October of 2019, before the eruption of the nearby Taal volcano and the worldwide emergence of the COVID virus, the painting suggested the theme of Rescue and Deliverance as symbolized by the two children who were being carried by the angel. They were being brought to their final resting place beyond the blue door which was meant to be a heavenly paradise . When one looks closely at the images surrounding the Blue Door, you will see that Yvette painted a happy vision of groups of angels and cherubs smiling and cartwheeling in the air.

A closeup of the painted area to the left of the blue door showing the smiling angels and cherubs

A closeup of the painted area to the left of the blue door showing the smiling angels and cherubs

One Man's story about 'Beyond the Blue Door'

It was in early October of 2019 when a neighbor of ours first saw the painting. We had displayed it along with several others of Yvette's paintings in our home. Our neighbor's name is David, and he and his wife, Maria, were visiting us along with several other friends and admiring Yvette's work. We had spent about an hour and a half listening to Yvette tell her stories about the paintings and what they meant to her, and I noticed that David's eyes were wide open and he was staring at one of the paintings.

I asked David and he mentioned to me that the painting brought back memories of a fearful time when he underwent an emergency heart operation. His narrative story to the whole group follows below.

On that fateful night, I remember being rushed to the hospital after dinner when I complained to my wife of chest pains. I felt first a panicky fear of leaving my wife and family behind, with a lot of financial problems to have to deal with. I do not remember the chaotic journey from our home to the hospital emergency room, but I do remember lying on a trolley, listening to the anguished voice of my wife talking to a doctor and then we headed on to the operating room. I was being rushed and just before entering, I passed thru blue operating room doors. As I drifted into a dream like state from the anesthesia, I felt myself floating above my own body laying on the operating table. I drifted upward from the table, and I could feel myself enter a bluish cloud. It wasn't dark inside the cloud nor was it cold, it actually felt cool and welcoming. A voice spoke to me and said,"do not be afraid." I tried to answer, but no reply came from my mouth. After a time, the cloud became lighter in color and I knew that my journey was coming to an end.

At that instant, my mind fell asleep, and my next recollection was of waking up in a hospital room. I knew then that I had survived my operation.

"The message in Yvette's painting" David said," is that the doors symbolized to me an entrance to a passage in our afterlife while the color blue signifies that it will be a peaceful and calming trip. I did not see heaven but I had a view of the boarding area leading to it, and I am not afraid."


David and his wife bought the painting, and it now hangs in a place of honor in their home.

An afterthought to David's short story

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