How Focus on the Positive Affects the Whole World: in Views of Quantum Reality

Updated on April 18, 2018
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Val is a life-long practically oriented student of effective emotional and attitudinal responses to the many challenges of life.

If We Can Smell a Rose by Looking at Its Picture---We Can Also Create a New Reality by Holding Its Picture in Our Mind
If We Can Smell a Rose by Looking at Its Picture---We Can Also Create a New Reality by Holding Its Picture in Our Mind

Science would Call It True

"All that we are is a result of what we have thought."---- Buddha

I am going to start this perilous literary journey by making a rather bold statement: it is thanks to all dreamers, those in love, peaceful meditators, comedians, innocent children, and other positively spirited folks---that we haven't had another world war, or a catastrophic event of the similar magnitude.

Before you start calling it all kinds of names, be reminded that statements like this are perfectly supported by the frontier science of these days---even by some very ancient schools of thought.

In a nutshell, it has taken a certain balancing effect of such positivistic souls spread all around the globe, who counteracted on the quantum level destructivism of all those bull-shitters and chicken-shitters parading around with their sickening animalistic games of dominance and greed.

So, what exactly is science saying to make the above even remotely believable?

According to the science, everything material, including ourselves and this planet is 99% empty space---just vibration of sub-atomic particles producing an illusion of solidity, and information orchestrating all that into the reality as we perceive it.

That same science is telling us: "There is much more going on around us than meets the eye.

For one thing, we seem to be clueless about how our thoughts, emotions and attitudes are affecting that invisible world from which all our physical reality is sprouting out.

As it has been suggested by some millennia old, and some new interpretations of what "is"---we are living a virtual reality where our dominant contents of consciousness co-create the quantum reality, and consequently the only one we can understand--- this visible, Newtonian one of a solid world and us in it.

Thus, ultimately it's the manifested ratio of our joint positive and negative observing and mental processing that we experience as what is real on this planet of ours.

Isn't the display of that ratio telling us how historically we have been focusing too much on the negative aspects of our coexistence---unknowingly breeding more of the same?

And wouldn't it be nice if we made an effort to smarten up and change it into something that would tell a better story about "the most intelligent species on Earth"?

For, if not, how many more millennia are we planning to be proving Darwin right when he said that we had evolved from a family of apes? Well, as it turned out, you can take ape out of jungle, but can't completely erase jungle out of ape.

What Is so Very Unlikely Here? -  TV Cameras Where Nothing Bad Is Happening
What Is so Very Unlikely Here? - TV Cameras Where Nothing Bad Is Happening

A Joke with a Serious Ring in It

"Imagination is everything. It is the preview of life's coming attractions".

----Albert Einstein

Not so long ago I started watching an interview with that prominent astrophysicist Neil Tyson de Grasse, so I caught the humorous first answer he gave, and then something came up and I couldn't see the rest of the program.

He was asked: "Why all these hurricanes and floods and forest fires?---and he said: "Mother Earth is obviously pissed off at us". I just stayed long enough to see how the "joke" didn't produce much laughter at the audience, and he immediately turned serious.

His humorous explanation rang in my ears as a factual one, as this article is about to try explaining.

So I keep wondering how much longer it may take for the humankind to stop obsessing about negative aspects of coexistence and start denying and debunking all inflammatory stories generated by a whole garden variety or manipulators with different dark agendas.

How much intelligence does it really take to see that we are being duped, brainwashed, and downright insulted by those who see themselves as called upon to think for us? At these times of high technology and so many myths debunked by science and sheer common sense---we evidently can't yank ourselves from the grip of hate, suspicion, intolerance, and other attributes that were prevailing in humanity in those most primitive of all times.

Those smarter than we are in the fields of science keep telling us that "whatever we give attention to---gets bigger".

Is the need for denial of "world's problematics" becoming a little more transparent?

Relaxed Attitude Manifests New Reasons to Feel Relaxed
Relaxed Attitude Manifests New Reasons to Feel Relaxed

Our Dominant Thoughts Are Directives

"Most people are thinking about what they don't want, and they wonder why it shows up over and over again." ---- John Assaraf

That same science is telling us that---by focusing on the crap going on we are just getting more of the same. It's like that in every aspect of life, including our personal matters of relationships, health, happiness, and success.

By keeping our focus on the problem we can't ignite a quantum mechanism which would bring about a solution. We have to abandon the mind frame of the problem and think in terms of a solution already happening.

As psycho-cybernetic, goal-oriented bio-computers, our brains interpret our dominant thoughts, emotions, attitudes and beliefs as "directives". You can't tell your executive subconscious mind: "I was only kidding, just disregard all this".

It has no sense of humor; nor will it spare you from the consequences of your negative observing, complaining and ranting. Remember, all our mental processes are energy connected to everything else that is energy---your body, your circumstances, the world.

When we hear a bad news at the doctor's office, we can go along with his therapeutic procedures, but more than anything else, we might as well deny our diagnosis and think in terms of our being whole again. Fear generated by our "facing the reality" won't help one bit. Our focusing on a problem is self-defeating.

"Reality" is what we make it. If a nagging spouse, a bitching co-worker, or a hateful politician stir up a cloud of bad vibes, and we allow ourselves to resonate with that frequency, we are just making ourselves sicker, while adding to that cloud our own dark contribution, which further thickened by the same minds affects everything.

And I mean everything from the price of gasoline to the next hurricane, to the tire going flat, to the kid getting bad marks in math.

Nothing Helps to Fall Asleep Like Doing It.
Nothing Helps to Fall Asleep Like Doing It.

Only Harmonizing Thoughts Manifest Harmony

"For every minute you are angry you lose sixty seconds of happiness"

----Ralph Waldo Emerson

It's mentally impossible to focus on the positive without denying the negative. Like I said it in one of my previous articles---You can't enjoy a swim in the ocean without denying the possibility of getting attacked by a shark.

Likewise, you can't see a political and social harmony being reached by constantly seeing something wrong there. Energies of harmonizing a society, or harmonizing health, or a relationship work from quantum realm up, and our predominant thoughts, emotions and attitudes are either of that harmonizing kind or a disharmonizing one.

Last night I made a trip to the washroom and on my way back to bed my brain got turned on with a train of thoughts that didn't make falling asleep possible. So I instantly started thinking in terms of being asleep. From that point on whatever didn't fit in my mind's pattern of sleeping got denied---and I fell asleep again in minutes, while keeping in my mind the picture of what sleeping feels like.

Had I cursed that "second wind", got up to have a glass of water, do a crossword puzzle to tire my brain...all that would have been coping with the problem---not experiencing the solution.

A World of Magic Unfolds for Us with Denial of Suggestive Negativities
A World of Magic Unfolds for Us with Denial of Suggestive Negativities

What We Keep in Focus Turns Real for Us

"You take your life in your own hands, and what happens?

A terrible thing: no one to blame." ---- Erica Jong

Again, attention makes bigger---so, when we focus on what we don't want, we are not getting a solution, but more of the problem.

Denying doesn't mean lying to ourselves about the factual reality. Remember, in order to deny anything, you need to know what you are denying, otherwise you are not denying anything.

But once when you know what it is, it becomes a matter of what you are planning to do about it. Feel victimized? Angry? Helpless? Sad? Guilty? Ashamed? Jealous? What?

Denial which I am talking about is referring to our momentary assessment and interpretation of a problem, and then dismissing it as nonexistent in favor of focusing on the experience of the solution. And there is always one.

However, what we call "problems" is hardly ever something that an immediate line of action may fix. It's something that we can do nothing about at the moment---or ever---that we call problematic. It really takes some self-observing skills to realize how proficient we are at creating problems where none exist.

And that, if anything, suggests that we start denying and to thinking in terms of a harmony. Life is good, people are good, our health is good, even our mother-in-law is good.


Because we say so. Because denying the problem and thinking in terms of solution works wonders on the quantum level. Reward doesn't even have to come in a form that has anything to do with the problem itself.

As we make it a habit of skipping those political news and watching a funny TV program instead---in the name of denying the crap that others are creating, not ourselves---something good may happen.

It may be something at the job, or mother-in-law announces she is taking a long trip somewhere, or just about anything else that matches the vibes of our enjoying that funny program.

Sorry religious folks for borrowing your slogan, but--- "quantum field works in mysterious ways".


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