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Believe in Your Own Pace


“There's no advantage to hurrying through life."

As I grow older, I tend to think more about life. What I really want or what it really meant to be successful. Does it really require material things – a house, a car, or a stable work? Can someone tell me the answer what will it take to consider someone a successful person.

It was my thesis season when my old friend invites me for a coffee. Being a late-nighter freak, dark circles under my eyes, and pale skin, I did go and meet her anyway. And as we go deeper into our conversation, I asked myself whether I am taking too long into my pace. That time, I admit I can’t help myself comparing my life to her. As we walked the route going home, we can’t deny the difference in our own pace. She walked faster than me and obviously, that’s what happening in our personal lives.

For a moment, I doubted myself. In the race of life, I lost my track. It takes time for me to step forward, what more for the thousand miles of distance I feel like I needed to reach. After a while, after getting myself together, I look for something that can help myself to build again the confidence I lost. And what Shikamaru Nara said, caught my attention. “There's no advantage to hurrying through life." I read it a couple of times until it sinks into my brain. Why I am even doubted myself, where in fact it’s my own pace. And let me correct my term earlier about life race, there’s no such thing because we have our own destinations and tracks. It’s not about how early we got our first job, it’s about how much we love what we’re doing. It’s not about being able to buy expensive things, what about enjoying life with those simple ones. Life is not all about what we think it is. We can see it through the bigger picture, then you will find out life is just much more.

It may take a couple of years for me to be a professional, I may take it slowly, it can’t make me down. I have my own pace and I still have a lot of ups and downs ahead of me, but I’m sure whatever it takes, with this strengthen mind, I will finish my own race.

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