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Being Pregnant at Sixteen

Mama at 16

I remember how it all happened. At the time, I had a terrible habit. Smoking cigarettes. The taste from smoking the cigarettes wasn't right, wasn't the usual. I attempted to try to smoke a different cigarette from a different pack thinking mine were possibly just expired.. I was wrong. Deep down, I knew I was pregnant. I talked to my daughter's father telling him I needed a pregnancy test. We had to sneak around, because at that point, we weren't supposed to be seeing each other due to drama that occurred prior. We eventually were able to meet up when my parents weren't around and he had brought me two tests. I was eager to take them, impatient for answers. Of course, when I took the tests, they came out positive. I had kept the secret from everybody but him for two weeks. One night, I decided that I was going to sneak him in so we can discuss future plans considering we had a baby on the way. We fell asleep and the next morning, we woke up to my mother yelling at us. I knew that was the time that we had to tell her. I just wanted to tell her something to alleviate her from being as overwhelming as she was. I didn't quite tell her I was pregnant. I had just told her that I had him come over early that morning (meaning around 6 in the morning, considering this took place around 7:30 or so, when my younger siblings had to get ready for school, I was on bed rest and completed schooling from home.) I told her that I'd been late on my period. She asked if I needed a pregnancy test and I agreed. Of course, it was positive and I told her. My pregnancy wasn't very easy. I had complications and it was lonely. My daughter's father, who happened to live with me, wasn't very involved. He never came to appointments, would always choose to go out with his friends instead of helping me prepare for our daughter, and would cheat and lie to me. Even though I was surrounded by family, I was lonely. I remember being nine months pregnant, setting up my daughters crib, by myself. I wound up in the hospital when I was around my 24th week gestational period due to the scare of almost having my daughter early. I was bleeding and there was a scare of my placenta detaching. Luckily, everything was okay. During my pregnancy, I had to go see a specialist and found out that I'm a carrier for a blood disease called "alpha thalassemia." My kids dad was tested and he came out negative, which was good because if he was positive, it would have resulted in an amniocentesis. Amniocentesis is a procedure where amniotic fluid is removed for testing purposes.

I had a smooth delivery though. I was able to get the epidural even though by the time it came to push, it wore off. I was on a lot of heavy duty medication during my labor/delivery so a lot of it, I was sleeping for (after I got the medication, of course!!)

Unfortunately, I didn't have the kindest parents.My mother took me the day before my 18th birthday and emancipated me so she'd have no financial ties to me anymore-- so she's no longer financially responsible. I took my daughter and moved out on my 18th birthday. I've been struggling but I've been making ends meet for the sake of my daughter and I. I have a full-time job, just got a new car since my car accident in October of 2018.

I am currently 2 1/2 years post partum. My beautiful babygirl is so advanced and I am beyond blessed. Her father and I aren't together anymore and he has a girlfriend with a 1 month old son.

It definitely has been a crazy journey. It's definitely not a usual journey for a teenager. I wouldn't change me having my daughter at all. I can't picture life without her. She definitely motivates me to be the best person I can be everyday and I am so grateful for that. She completes me!!

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