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Being a New Entrepreneur!

Sujata is an architect by profession and has a passion for writing. She shares her life experiences through writing, hoping to be of help.

We do not know where we draw our inspirations from. We cannot pre-decide on it, and it is usually from sources we do not expect or think of!


I am a new entrepreneur. I have freelanced at some point in my career. But being an entrepreneur now and having a setup of my own seems to be a completely new emotion. It is a partnership firm, and yet the sense of ownership that it brings along is unmatched. The shift from a regular job to being the owner and being responsible for every tiny detail of the operations happening in the firm can be a little overwhelming at times, but it is the satisfaction of having a productive day on our own is what keeps one going.

We did have our share of struggles. But like I said, inspiration comes from places unknown.

Mine came from the lady whom I met around a year back. I had the privilege to know her and had the opportunity to communicate with her about her personal and professional journey as an entrepreneur. She was into a full-time job earlier, but her passion for fitness pushed her to quit a well-paying full-time job and pursue fitness as the career. Today she owns her own fitness academy and runs several fitness centers and gyms in the city and at outdoor locations. I had observed her passion for her profession and the lifestyle that she follows as an entrepreneur, and that came as a major source of motivation. Her ability to handle multiple workplaces throughout the day and at a time schedule that she has decided has been an inspiration for me. And more so, because the fitness as an industry is male dominated and she being a woman, leading the industry is what I keep looking up to.

She agreed to have a conversation and share her entire journey from being a fulltime employee to being an entrepreneur over the years and provide us a guide on the business strategies that could be applicable for us. Knowing her journey has been a gateway for me into the world of business.

She shared her share of struggles as a beginner in a new industry, both professional struggles and the ones at the personal front. She spoke about the essential support system that plays a huge role in a new business and she also made me realize that it will nearly be impossible to pursue being a business personnel to the utmost efficiency with a fulltime job in hand at a different organization. Her transition from a corporate job into being a fitness enthusiast and a successful businesswoman in the fitness industry today was worth knowing and understanding. Her journey gave me immense courage and a lot of confidence to take up entrepreneurship and enter the business world, not only for the passion I have for the work I am doing but also for the lifestyle that can be built being an entrepreneur.

This conversation was the major turning point towards my personal decision to being a business personnel. Later I did have a few interactions with some more of my close and trusted individuals. They too encouraged me to the fullest and made me believe in the potential of the business.


Like any other work, this has not been a smooth ride either. It has been a complete roller coaster with its fair share of struggles. As we started off, building the clientele had been the most essential and the most difficult task of all. Deciding on the price list of our services needed ample amount of research and negotiating it with the clients to bring them to agreement required communication skills that we were still building. Several times there is a requirement to deliver our service at an under rate to build our base even though it gets difficult for us to suffice. There have also been instances when clients back out after handing over the projects to us. But these issues will probably last for a little longer or maybe forever.

What feels great is the ability to carry out tasks as per our own preference. To have my flexibility of time and work as and when required, feels like an achievement. Even though there is a fixed office time, the time schedule is not fixed. I know this is a contradictory statement, but this is how it has been since we started off. On many days we do not work during the day but have to carry out all nighters due to emergencies. Every morning we do head out to the studio, but there is no surety of where we will be working. Since we began our own firm, we have been working on road a lot and that has been altogether a new and fulfilling experience. The sense of ownership sinks in when we realize that we will be responsible till the last detail that are in place and we have no one to fall back on or blame in case we end up making an error.

On top of that, being entrepreneurs, there are tasks that we need to take up even though we do not like or are not good at. In my case, making calls to people I do not know is a major dilemma. But I got to do what I need to do. There is no more pushing responsibilities to others. Being a new entrepreneur, it becomes even more essential to be actively participating in all the aspects of the business to be able to make it work well in the long run. And to be able to have the entire control in our hands feels like an achievement. To be slowly building a lifestyle and a schedule that has been an aspiration for the longest of time and seeing it come true, makes me believe in the idea of working hard enough, having the patience, and believing in the concept of miracles.

Also, it has been a blessing to have those few people who have been a constant source of courage and support every day – who constantly remind me that it might and will take some time, but it will pick up, that to have my patience intact is essential and to keep going. And that source of encouragement has been a blessing in true sense.


Entrepreneurship is not easy. But it brings in with it the responsibility and ownership that is the most satisfying aspect of being an entrepreneur. And taking it up has been worth the effort and time.

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