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"Be Yourself," But Who Am I?

Kenneth is a rural citizen of Hamilton, Ala., and has begun to observe life and certain things and people helping him to write about them.


The two photo's in this hub are NOT me. Sure, like anyone else who is human, is lazy at some point, but not everyone and that includes these two models. I just felt like you needed a bit of help before you read. Thanks. Kenneth

This is NOT me.

This is NOT me.

Ever have a day to start-out good, but at some point, someone, possibly a stranger, says something to you in some check-out line that will change your life forever. Or maybe a month or so as fast as life is passing today.

The problem is seen in those first two words in my headline. These two words are not new. Almost every breathing, walking American has either said these two words or (like me years ago) or I have made a almost-fatal mistake of telling someone, maybe a friend, to "be yourself."

The two words although help certain people, but keep this in mind, might these two simple-sounding words are very dangerous. Explanation coming later.

Simply said, "Be yourself," in a large way is a cop-out. It's not tough labor to say these words to an eager listener. These words even sound good mingled with enough authority that the listener is impressed by the one giving the advice having plenty of wisdom. In short, these are just words that carry no credibility whatsoever.
The bottom line from this rant is a lot of people who say these words without even listening to how they sound to the speaker. "Be yourself." What a pair of strong-sounding words, and to be completely transparent, they to help those who are in a struggle to find their 'real' self that for some reason, has left from the original creation and DNA stance.

You and I as well as all of humanity, fish, fowls, animals, and all things that creepeth on the earth, were created with individual identities. My DNA is not the same with yours or anyone else. Not even the created life in wildlife are like that. And I appreciate the majestic creativity of God, who did make us in His own image.

But in my case, and this is not a isolated case, but reaches back to the early 90's when I did find myself of searching for "me," the real "me" Scary? Yes. To wake in the morning and realize that the person you are is a collage of your good friends who worked with you or shared their place in your school life.

What happened? This is not a complicated answer. "I" did admire a lot of people in my work life. Not any in my school class. All I faced was a daily struggle to simply survive being attacked by the "have's" letting me know that they as well as ther parents were like kings and queens of our lowly hometown of Hamilton, Ala., which even today resembles "Mayberry," the home of "Andy Taylor" (Griffith), and one day, I hope that this will change, maybe in my three grandkids' lives.

But I've stopped looking for that change many years ago. Which teaches me a fantastic lesson. Not everything or everyone is taught in a classroom my any highly-intellectual professor type. No. Not that I'm finding anything wrong with that, but in the City of Hamilton's case, the size may never change. The amount of industry and retail businesses may not grow to be another Atlanta, Ga.

And that's fine. Let Hamilton be Hamilton. Maybe Hamilton's growth from the time it was created until now. There are enough Atlanta's, Los Angeles, and Kenosha's. (this is a big city where three of my cousins reside.)

Size simply, in this case, does not matter.

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