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Back and Forward


I look up, and I see the wide-open sky. I see the full moon, looking back at me with a smile. I see the bright, fluorescent stars that give me hope and inspiration. As the night itself has become my muse.

I look down, and I see my feet running. I see my legs bouncing up and down, trying so hard to keep up with myself. I see the scars on my legs that remind me of both where I came from, as well as how I got here.

I look back, and I see my mistakes and regrets. I see all the things I should not have done, as well as all the places I should not have gone. I must move on, as hindsight will only slow me down and I must make haste to my next destination.

I look forward, and what I see is beautiful. I see vast plains that I cannot wait to explore. I see opportunities to take advantage of, as well as decisions to be made. I see a light that is very warm and inviting, and I know that this is God, calling me to fulfill my purpose. Therefore, that is exactly what I will do.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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