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Being a Gym Addict

Sujata is fairly new in the fitness world but has become passionate about it now. She now promotes health and fitness in her circle actively

I am not very sure if I should be happy about injuries or be sad about them. I am not sure if it is something I should be proud of. But, surprisingly, I am.

The day I dropped that 25kg plate on my feet, I almost felt like I broke my feet. I am not great at expressing my pain. But oh boy, it sure was painful. But all I could do was stand there for some good 2 minutes to calm myself down and quietly get back to working out. And, on top of that, on that day I was working on my lower body.

It all started a year back when I just dragged myself to the gym just because I had a friend and a gym partner to workout with. I was the one who would just not show up if she was not there and would just skip going to the gym when she would not attend. Fast forward some 3 months, and I am the one actively going to the gym without fail. I never knew I would even continue on. And it’s been almost a year, 11th month running that I have been a regular. I love seeing those happy workout faces that people have during and after workout. And the satisfaction after a good workout is just different.

The reason I talk about my first gym injury is because for some strange reason that made me feel like I am a part of a new world now. I have dropped weights on myself before and I have dropped after that as well, but that plate felt a little different. Despite the swollen foot I continued working out. Of course, I skipped lower body and cardio exercises for those four days and only continued with upper body workouts. But what mattered to me was showing up and not giving up.

And post that, I sure have gotten myself hurt in many other ways. Though I hide these incidences just so that I am not asked to take a break from working out for few days. And I do get angry faces on me for not saying it when I later need to finally admit that I was hurt when I am not able to perform some exercise.

My logic might be wrong here. I am not sure. But this is just a kind of a personal motivation for me. I feel like getting injured in the gym are the happy injuries. Though I have never injured myself while doing any of the exercises and my injuries are usually me being messy sometimes, but I just feel happy about them.

Slowly but steadily, I am making progress. And as the things are getting tougher, I also know that they are getting together. Increase in strength and flexibility is visible. And in addition to that, mental growth and progress and the focus has gotten better.

I have been recently called a gym addict. And I felt super proud and content about it. Usually, I deliberately hide and cover up my excitement as much as I can about anything I am interested in. I am not very confident about showing what I love to do. There are numerous ways I have tried to hide my gym addictions. But despite it all, my craze for workout seems to be out in the open. I guess that could be because my obsession for gyming is too strong now to cover it up anymore.

But as the Instagram trending reel voiceover talks about obsession with workout,

“People think I am obsessed with this. But I am okay with it. I am obsessed with it. And I think this is an obsession that doesn’t hurt anyone”.

And honestly speaking, I do believe that I am now a gym addict. I hate not working out. Bad workout days make me fussy and irritated. And only because I am not allowed to act up in the gym, I keep my calm. There are barely only a few days that I do not go to the gym, particularly when I am asked by the doctor to skip workout. And I am back the very next day that I feel better.

So, I think I can totally and proudly call myself a GYM ADDICT now.

© 2021 Sujata Hazarika

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