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Saluting All Vietnam Vets From My Cup of "Joe" and Myself

Kenneth, born and raised in the South, resides in Hamilton, Alabama. He enjoys sharing his unique perspectives on life through his writing.

I’ll be short. I’ll be sweet. But not long-winded and putting you through a stream of flowery phrases due to the fact that one, I am very tired (physically) and two, I am sitting up in the week hours of Nov. 12, Veterans Day and on that note . . .Happy Veterans Day to my dad and our relatives who saw action from Korea all the way to Vietnam. And those brave young men and women who are serving our Armed Forces even as I speak

The star of my hub.

The star of my hub.

There Isn’t Much

that comes to the sheer happiness that comes with me or someone else who has just awakened, brewed him or herself a steaming cup of coffee and please, hold the cream and sugar. Black, if you don’t mind. A first cup of coffee in any early morning of the year and season is always happy.

It’s (a very tricky word), not in any way, having to do with drugs that some powerful Third World Drug Cartel is making more bucks by filling their country’s coffee beans with a higher content of caffeine and no worries from the U.S. Customs Agencies, because they allegedly, are all allegedly paid to look the other way. Now do you see how the word, “it’s” can affect the very geographic atmosphere of the earth itself.

I have to define “it’s” this way: the action of getting up before anyone else and drinking the first cup of coffee long before the sun has rose. Early is just that. Early. Dark, maybe with a cold breeze, and a few insomniac birds are sitting on a limb singing their little lungs out. That, my friends, just adds to the enjoyment of drinking the first cup of coffee as I am just sitting here thinking about nothing. Or anyone else. Just sitting and drinking my black coffee.

Hi there!

Hi there!

Here are Some Comparisons

on why I love to drink coffee (on early mornings) so much. . .

  • If film star, Ava Gardner, (back in her prime) were to sit down next to me and say, “if you throw that coffee away, I will drive us both to Mexico for some really wild partying,” I would just take a sip of my black coffee and reply, “who are you lady?”
  • When the Beatles (were still a foursome) were to ask me to join their group for 25% of the royalties from their LPs, and the only thing that George Martin, their manager would ask of me would be to NOT drink any black coffee, I would laugh in his face.
  • If (the late) Bob Crane, “Col. Hogan,” of “Hogan’s Heroes,” were to beg me to be another prisoner of war from the U.S.A., I would defect to Germany because there, I could drink all of the black coffee that I wanted.
  • And . . .if Gun Control Rebel, Ted Nugent, who sang, “Cat Scratch Fever,” were to try and force me to go on a world-wide tour on “Why I Love Guns,” I would just wink and grab what coffee that I could and keep running.

I Think That

now you can see why I am so FOR drinking black coffee instead of doing anything else and the last item above about me touring Pro-Gun Control to help Nugent, should be proof enough on why I love black coffee and I love to drink it at any time day or night.

Black coffee is one friend that I can call on day or night and never be turned away. I mean it. A lot of human beings might claim to be a good friend of mine, but when the chips are down, so are my so-called good friends. Black coffee is always strong and never one to turn against me.

Just Because That I

am a fair-minded guy, I will provide for you a list of famous people, both in the film industry and in other fame-based organizations where coffee is drank every day and night . . .

  • Jack Webb, the late director, producer, and star of “Dragnet,” who not only smoked several packs of cigarettes, but downed several gallons of coffee on each working day and night.
  • Caesar Romero passed away, July 1, 1994, but while he was in production filming his many films and shows, Romero was known to bend his elbow to enjoy some delicious Brazilian coffee.
  • John “Duke” Wayne, star of numerous westerns and war films, a true man’s man, not only loved to drink coffee with the technicians on the set of where he was working and after work, he loved to drink a lot of martini’s—because Wayne loved life and knew how to party.
  • The late Eric Fleming, “Gil Favor” of “Rawhide,” and Clint Eastwood, “Rowdy Yates,” both loved to sit back and drink a few cups of coffee to unwind.
  • You see, coffee like music, is an international music and drink. If you happen to be traveling on vacation during those long highway stretches in the Western United States, then you must pack a thermos or two of good black coffee for you never know when a state trooper might have your number and pull you over. I’ve heard it said that you can make points if you offer these guys in blue and gray a cup of hot, fresh coffee along with a danish — this might cause them to let you go.

Unknown Coffee Facts:

  • Although Jerry Jones is the owner and General manager of the NFLs Dallas Cowboys, Jones likes to drink himself a few cups of coffee especially on a cold Dallas evening.
  • Police officers in Chicago love coffee for two reasons: one, the “Joe” tastes great and warms “Joe’s” hands. So in this case, coffee is serving to fulfill two needs for the Chicago “heat.”

More Coffee Facts and Coffee in the NFL Championship Game

A solitary coffee cup was the “star” of the Dec. 31, 1967 Ice Bowl held in Green Bay, WI, with the Green Bay Packers vs The Dallas Cowboys, but the game, although one of the most exciting, it was (one of) the commentators in the booth that stole the show. Now-late Frank Gifford instructed the camera operator to get a shot of this styrofoam cup (filled with coffee) that Gifford had sat on the window sill only moments from the time he told the cameraman to get the shot—which was now the cup of coffee was completely frozen. In less than 15 seconds. Another affect of this horrible weather was Gifford sharing that if you toss a cup of hot coffee in weather this cold, )-48 deg./F/-44 C., wind chill)the hot meeting the bitter cold causes a blast comparable to a shotgun.

The few seconds of action in that Championship Game went like this; Brown right 31 Wedge.The play was a short yardage play using a double-team block to force an opening for the fullback. Starr made the play call in the huddle, but did not tell his teammates he was keeping the ball.Kramer and centerKen Bowmanexecuted a post-drive block (double-team) on left defensive tackle Jethro Pughand Starr lunged across the goal line for a 20–17 leaping slide for the TD.

Afterwards, Starr and (most of) The rest of the Packers team, celebrated their hard-fought victory by drinking beer, champagne, probably a few belts of the hard stuff, but I have to give Coffee the edge for just keeping these warriors warm enough to win what was billed the most-exciting NFL Championship Game to be played in that era and time.

What did I tell you? Yes, even my favorite drink, Coffee, was the “star” of the most-famous play in that game which is even now in 2018, being talked about as the best.

Nov. 12 ~~ Happy Veterans Day__________________________________________

  Brazillan coffee sacks -- yummm!

Brazillan coffee sacks -- yummm!

© 2018 Kenneth Avery

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