At The Eagle And Child WIth A God

Updated on April 25, 2020

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God..” John 1:1

Our gods created trees, plants, animals, seasons and most importantly humans. They remain unknown to all but one of their creations, humans. They escaped the shadow of obscurity because humans found a light that was bright enough to reflect on their faces, language. It is only language that gives life to any god, however powerful they may be. Isn’t it then the man/woman who holds the light of language, who chooses which god to shine it upon, the god of gods? It is with such a man that I would like to spend an evening with. A man who brought to life sophisticated beings, exquisite landscapes and captivating stories. An Oxford philologist who created a world with its own fully functional languages, songs and history. A lover of mythology, languages and pranks. One-fourth of the TCBS, ‘Tea Club, Barrovian Society’ and an active member of the Inklings, a literary society. A man who has to his name a corner of the Eagle and Child pub, Jhon Roland Reuel Tolkien.

Sipping tea at that corner, where he spent his time with his friends, like the great C. S Lewis, I would listen to whatever he has to share. I would seek no answer. I just want to listen to whatever that he wants to say. His version of his own story. How he perceived the world around him. How his imagination picked up on all that the average mind missed. Listen to him talk about the Viking club, Beowulf, and most importantly Helheimer and how it pushed him in his pursuits.

J.R.R Tolkien is one of the most successful authors of our time. His work, The Lord of The Rings, was second only to the Bible at a point. With millions of copies sold around the world, The Hobbit and LOTR made Middle Earth one of the most famous fictional lands. His attention to detail and the carefully laid out progression of events in the storyline leaves the reader no choice but to be hooked to it. Tolkiens fanbase grew exponentially when Peter Jackson’s LOTR trilogy hit the screens.

An evening with such an eminent personality would open up new avenues in my thinking, and give me a fresh perspective on life. His knowledge of mythologies would be enlightening for an average reader like myself. His pursuit of writing a mythology for Britan would also be an interesting topic to learn about. Even if it is just pleasantries and nothing else, the words that make up the conversation would be more than enough to make it memorable, as he is a man who uses his words carefully and believes in the holy matrimonial of sound and meaning.


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