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Is Art a Threat to You?

Lazola Pambo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of South Africa.

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Is Art a Threat to You?

When a child wants to pursue a career in the arts; often he or she is told, be it by her guardians or so called close circle of friends, that it is better to consider something else more constructive and meaningful.

I never knew that I would say this but are we still living in the dark ages?

Who on earth came up with the idea that to pursue art as a career has no purpose. If that was the case, then why have art as a faculty in universities?

Beyond academia, art plays a major role in our daily lives. The world we live in is made of art: the creation of things. It saddens me that we fail to realize the importance of artistry as a whole. Could it be a state of brainwash that many have been taught or indoctrinated to think that only Science and Mathematics only matter, in order to create a better world?

Human beings have never ceased to amaze me. If there is such a group of folks such as the middle class or elite, I would like to find out, is art a threat to you? Why is it that we enjoy seeing people being caged up like parrots without expressing themselves freely? Are we afraid to hear the truth? Should we live in a society that dictates a singular truth to begin with?

One can often see the reality all over the world. Creative minds are often the first to be crucified by most politicians or ruling monarchies. I find it strange that even the most educated minds, who hold positions in high office, are threatened when they come face to face with art. What is it that really makes people uncomfortable about art? Why are we so restless about it?

After wrestling with these questions, I think I have found the reason why. It is not necessarily that people are not fond of art but it is rather their misconceptions of what they think is art. Probably, many have been in tune with too much television watching or blinded by wrong media outlets, which inform them that anyone who pursues art is a lunatic or some crazed madman who is locked up in a psychiatric hospital for the rest of his life.

I guarantee you that this is not my assumption but it is what I have heard from most educated folks I have come across. One then only wonders, who really is the craziest among the two? Of course we know or have heard about artists, whose careers ended because of drugs or violent related circumstances but does this belief only apply to art as a whole?

In other words, are we claiming to say that it is only in the field of art that people end up being drug addicts or become suicidal?

Surely that is impossible because every career has a bit of sweet and sour to it.

The fact of the matter is that most people are afraid and fail to support when their children explore or show interest in the arts, because they know that this is one true field that they will find their voice. Art is one of the greatest careers that any child can engage in. From an early age, it gives them the courage to build self-worth, character and trust their instincts to reason and not always be a ‘yes-man’ for others, who bully with their opinions.

If art is a threat to you, then you are not matured enough. To curse upon art is like burning the forest of God’s Creation. For our Creator, is a true reflection of an Artist in the grand scale of his own Artistry!

Our society needs to wake up. It does not help to imprison creative minds or place measures of blocking art from the young at heart. Art is a vessel of this life. If the world is an organism, then art is an organ in it.

We have to do away with the notion that people who pursue art will not go anywhere. Often I find that those who think in that manner, once had a dream of being an artist but never realized that dream and now it fits them well to carry their burden by being critical to another being who wants to pursue art. Ladies and gentleman, our journeys are not the same. My journey is my journey.

Your journey is your journey. If you failed at something, accept that you failed and move on. It is not fair when you realize that you have failed and you go around informing how other people will fail too.

Here is a piece of advice. If art is a threat to you, take a seat, calm down and think. You are fighting a battle with the wrong sector.

The reason we have art in the first place is not just to keep us entertained. We have the viability of art to enlighten, inform and educate us from wrong to right. The next time you come across art or an innocent artist, acknowledge with sincerity and not criticism.

You would be surprised by the many things that you can learn from your interaction with art. If you were to ask me, how would I define the meaning of art? I would simply say to you: A is for All, R is for Reality and T is for Treasured. To break it down, all realities treasured.

If art is a still a threat to you in this modern age, you need to freshen up and smell the coffee. The birds you hear chirping outside at this moment; are performing to you classic melodies of art. Be in awe!

© 2022 Lazola Pambo

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