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Are We Killing Ourselves Working?

When I say this, I have an image of a mouse on a wheel at full speed trying to hit something, and I don’t think it’s too far from reality! Everyday I see people working, weekdays and weekends, to end up taking a vacation and resting for 15 days a year and returning to the same thing, for years and years on end.

Isn’t our existence more interesting than this? What they sold us is not simply: spend what you earn and you will be happy?


I think we’ve already realized, at least many of us, that life is more than that! Of course we will have to kill ourselves many times working to achieve something, but to achieve something we like, that makes us truly happy! We don´t have to buy things that our friends have, thinking we need it that will make us happy!

I look at our parents and I think, a lifetime of working so that in the end they will all be blown up! But will they be happy?

If we work on something we like it’s normal to get worn out over so many years. If happiness comes from achieving something, being able to do it, from victory, then yes, if you are tired of it, you are undoubtedly happy!

But they cannot be truly happy if all this was accomplished due to a separated family and debts that accumulate and need to be paid!

We often hear a lot of complains, most of the times saying that they could have done it differently, or that they did everything they were supposed to, but atthe end, there’s a void full of things! Things they made for their children and not for them, things they bought for their children and not for them! They are old, with no patience for us and for our grandchildren, tired of a life of work and suffering.


The other day my brother said to me: they did what they were supposed to do! Having a house, a car and a job, what they sold him at that time, and his job was done! Even if they had to go into debt to have that car or stop going out and enjoy moments with the family to save money to buy that house!

Material goods, it all boils down to this, because if they weren’t so important we could simply appreciate each other’s presence and be there when necessary and listen, listen to our challenges, our difficulties, our victories!

Will our children or grandchildren like us less if we give them less stuff? Of course not, that’s for sure! But being present, listening to them, playing with them, yes, if it doesn’t exist, it makes love more difficult!

Because work is a mean to achieve something, but let that something be first of all our personal fulfillment, what makes us happy and enjoy the journey of life and not dedicate all our time to thinking about what we could be or should have been!

The secret is to look for what fulfills us and enjoy every moment we have with each other!

© 2022 Angela Faustino