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Are Pets Replacing Our Kids?

Increasingly I see young people at my age with pets and no kids, and I ask myself, why don’t they have kids? Is it a choice? Can’t they have children?

One of the reasons is that it’s expensive! But won’t pets be more expensive? From what I’m told, what you spend at the vet, on their food and accessories they need, it seems they get even more expensive!

So, it´s a lifestyle! We don’t want to have children, but why?

When I met my husband, I realized that he was the one I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. The next step was naturally to have a child, a being that has something of our own and that after we die will keep that DNA and carry it around until rejoin it with another being and generate new life!

I think that’s the question. It goes through the evolution of life, of the human being! If we don’t have kids what will happen?


I believe that most people don’t think about this fact. Having children is the consequence of love and life goes on normally that way.

But don’t we have that responsibility? I think it’s up to us! If we all decided not to have children, it would be the end of humanity. I don’t think anyone wants this scenario, so what drives people to have pets and not children?

I think the answer lies in solitude. When I adopted Paloma, my cat, I lived alone and so I looked for a company. But I realize that most people treat animals as if they were people, and, this is the real question, why do people treat animals as people, as if they were a child, a boyfriend, a husband?

Having animals is fantastic, we like to share moments with them, they keep us company, to be in a good mood and help them, if they need a shelter, a house, it makes perfect sense. They are part of our evolution, especially the dogs that have always helped us, going with the herds, protecting us when they warned us of danger. We realize today that they help us to overcome depression and anxiety, that they help us with disabilities.

People are going through tough times and have developed psychological problems, most because of this latest pandemic. But this scenario is certainly not normal, buying clothes for the animals as they would for their grandchildren or children, sleeping with them, eating with them. We must respect them as the animal they are and understand their essence, not want to turn them into someone like us.


We need social contact, it’s one of our characteristics as human beings, but replacing it with animals of other species? Because in the end, if we don’t feed them and don’t take care of them, they won’t have any bond with us, they won’t be able to take care of us and they will abandon us. Our children can do it too, but don’t we want to attribute all these feelings to a being who will never understand it?

When we raise a child, it will be ours forever, but it will go its own way, have its relationships, and make its own nest. To deprive him of that would be to imprison him, and that no one has the right to do. So, what are we doing to these animals? Aren’t we holding them in our house? Depriving them of being with others of their kind? Of having children and raising their nest?

I think this way because I don’t agree with any form of imprisonment for animals, in my opinion all beings should be free, and to deprive them of that freedom is to kill them little by little.

But we understand the benefits that these animals can give us, and therefore, if we look to keep a balanced connection in which it is beneficial for all, then, in that case, let´s adopt animals and treat them well!

© 2022 Angela Faustino