Are You Trying To Understand Your Emotions?

Updated on July 8, 2019
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It's often we used phrases that we truly don't know the actual meaning of it so breaking them down and finding your own meaning is crucial.

Here Is What "It's OK to not be OK" Really Means To Me

Sometimes we feel like our space isn't good enough to welcome others in so we begin to over-analyze every detail about our internal and external life to see what needs to be fixed to better welcome someone In and that often can create the feeling of not being okay. Too many people have this misconception around not being okay – not-be·ing means nonexistence and we know we are very much existing in this moment. What does the word 'okay' mean; It's a word created to express acceptance. Is that really a physical state of being or is it another way of us not being in tuned with ourselves and to better help us understand our own confusion we just remain thinking we are not okay – perhaps our energy is off and instead of looking within to question, we remain not okay, in hopes that it'll pass.

I went thru a wave of feeling not okay. A wave because it collapsed into the water and leveled back out. I understand what that means, It's a feeling and I need to dig down into the roots to see where this illusion came from – the illusion that I am not okay. I just imagine the warm weather merging with the cool waters and brewing a hurricane within. That's how I picture my emotions colliding with other emotions beneath the skin that are releasing signals for me to understand what's happening, and just as the hurricane passes It brings showers of storms when it leaves, that too will pass. In reality I am okay. I have a Universe that is uncontrollably working to supply me with energy and oxygen so I can continue my cycle. I try to bring myself back, remove anything that didn't come with me naturally, and face all those emotions. Instantly, the first thing that came to my mind was “who are you”?

Whenever you remove materialistic items from yourself – who are you? You are not your job, you are not a list of traits, you are not the things you enjoy doing, however you are everything you cannot define. You must understand first that words were created to simplify matter – words only hold meaning in context – to understand some things are not meant to be simplified for they are too profound to sum up in words. Lets take love for instance – have you ever been asked 'but, what does love really mean”? Everyone's interpretation of love is different and is difficult to describe because it cannot be described – it is everything. Love is all and its within and external. It is a state of being and doing. Take a voice away and love is doing – Gorilla's cannot speak but you see them love and protect their babies and mate.

So when I ask myself who I am – its knowing I am everything that is intertwined with the earth – I am you – I am a piece of everything and that is the simplest I can define myself with words. This concept wont be easy for a lot of people to accept and or understand because they want certainty. They will want to be defined by all the things they have done and own. Humans – we are too vast and complex to simplify. Think of yourself as the Earth for a moment – there's the thin layer that is exposed to the physical world – there's a layer underneath that can be reached – like a wound. There's a liquid layer like your blood and then there Is the core. The deep burning core that's maintaining a colossal amount of energy that only the Earth, you, can feel and know what is within. You experience the seasons of life; your skin toughens for the season of the harsh winter – you remove the thick layers of protection to be kissed by the sun in the summer just as the Earth partakes in extreme climate waves, as we do we in our cycle of time. We under go unpredictable seasons of life – we are built to overcome any temperature and come out with a new way to prepare for the next season to come.

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      • Mariah Schnoebelen profile imageAUTHOR

        Mariah Schnoebelen 

        4 months ago from Tampa,FL

        I would absolutely love to read about that if you have a link. :)

      • profile image

        Aleksandar Djosich 

        4 months ago

        The Earth core creates magnetic waves, and we have trillions of cells, each cell with approximately 1.4 volts of electrical energy that in a field can communicate with life, including human beings. Scientists in quantum physics have finally accepted this--very interesting :)


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