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Are You A "Superwoman" Everyday?

I write about real-life issues that are common to people who can relate to the many different subjects that I don't mind sharing.

"Superwoman" is the working mom who does almost everything.

"Superwoman" is the working mom who does almost everything.

A Mother's Work is Never Done

Women are strong and would endure a lot in life. Just being the woman who can keep everything together. She has the natural ability to do what is as simple as knowing how important it is to have a schedule to know what must be done next.

Like picking up the kids after school on time and then go home to cook dinner and then afterwards help the kids with homework. She may be a single mother, or she will be married to a nice man who is also the provider of the family. Although her husband work full time and she work part time outside the home too. She must keep up with a lot every day to get everything done.

Sometimes she may not have a lot of time for herself but will ask her mother or her sister to help with the kids. Just being a woman who must be there for everyone is important to her. Sometimes a woman will get through feeling as if she isn’t appreciated. She doesn’t always know what she wants for herself but will do everything for everyone in her life.

 "Supermom's" Duties.

"Supermom's" Duties.

A busy mom will go out and walk with a shopping cart to get packages of bottled water for her family.

A busy mom will go out and walk with a shopping cart to get packages of bottled water for her family.

Mom does Everything Ever Day

A woman needs to feel empowered because she knows that she should always be treated like a queen too. However, many women don’t feel that way if not being in a healthy relationship with a man she loves who knows she does a lot for the family.

No woman wants to feel disrespected either after knowing that she is worth more. If a man doesn't show her the love she deserves. If he has a good relationship with his woman, then he doesn't mine being supportive to also contribute to helping out to assist in the many things she does for the family.

A responsible woman doesn't want to only be there to do it all as if she is the "Superwoman" all the time, because she wants her man to be supportive often. Although she can accomplish a lot when he isn't always around, working together makes a huge difference. Just staying strong can be challenging sometimes and she doesn’t always want to admit that she needs a break.

A Working "Supermom" is Walking Home After Shopping with Her Baby in a Stroller.

A Working "Supermom" is Walking Home After Shopping with Her Baby in a Stroller.

Family Working Together at Home

Just take one day at a time is alright and a connected family will understand when the woman of the house needs a break. She may want to go on vacation or sleep for a couple of hours if feeling tired and relaxing isn’t what she wants to do when she should. A family should work as a team to always help a mom if she is getting older and want a lot more from the family. They know when a mother wants to split the responsibility with other family members.

After showing family members how to cook, clean or shop at the grocery store and budgeting is something other family members can do to. A mom should always reconsider what needs to be done if she knows that things must change. Doing everything shouldn't happen if her family understands that being an independent woman who does it all isn't always going to be that way forever.

All she knows is that she loves her family, but she isn't getting any younger and she would like to do less if possible. Over time, family members would continue to need a mother who will one day be a grandmother and will need all the energy she can get to be there for the grandchildren too.


Working Mom will Keep Working Over Time

Even if a woman will one day be a grandmother someday; she wouldn’t waste any time if her children are now grown and though she has done a lot over the years for her family, but a mom may have goals to accomplish. It’s an opportunity for a woman who would like to go back to school to further her education or something else she desires to do.

Although, she loves her family, she may want to continue to be a woman who will like to go on to also to be. An entrepreneur, a singer, an actress, a motivational speaker, a content creator or an author.

Whatever a woman wants to do and if she has her mind made up, she is going to do what she set out to do. Women came a long way and taking the opportunities available is taken seriously for women who knows that education is important. Besides, a woman will know over time to balance out what she is doing to continue to be there for her family.

Also, a woman knows that getting rest is important too. Just knowing how to slow down to do something to treat herself is also needed to feel refreshed to start all over again to move forward to do everything again.

Even though she knows she does a lot, a woman who does it all is seen as a “Superwoman” because she wants to be successful at whatever she does. After all, a woman knows she can master many things in life.

10 Things Mother's do in Public

  1. Carrying shoulder bags filled on both shoulders with groceries in them.
  2. Pushing a toddler in a stroller with one hand while holding a baby.
  3. Directing small children in a supermarket without holding the children's hands because of holding a couple of shopping bags.
  4. Holding a newborn baby while pushing a shopping cart full of groceries in the supermarket.
  5. Lifting a baby upstairs in a stroller with a baby bag over her shoulder.
  6. Walking a long distance with a baby in a carrier.
  7. Holding a baby and walking long distances without a carrier.
  8. Getting on a crowded bus with a huge stroller and hearing the baby cry constantly. A mom will be patient until it is her time to get off the bus.
  9. Waiting for the school bus early in the morning every day.
  10. Walking a long distance and pushing a shopping cart with laundry filled to the top.

Mom is also an advisor, a teacher, a banker, a counselor, a nurse and a hairdresser. Mom also attends teacher meetings, and she can be the best friend.

9 Things Mother's Can do to Relax After Work

  1. Take a nice warm bubble bath to relax.
  2. After settling down for the evening, read before going to bed.
  3. Get a back massage or a foot massage from your husband or boyfriend.
  4. Cuddle and watch a good movie with your husband or boyfriend.
  5. Sit outside on the back porch or patio and have a cup of tea.
  6. Call a positive friend who is nice to talk to.
  7. Listen to relaxing music that will help you fall asleep.
  8. Take a walk for at least thirty minutes if your not tired.
  9. Take a warm shower when everyone is asleep.

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