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Meet Ms. Daizy the Pit Bull


Heather a certified paralegal and ghostwriter, has a passion for animals, including her rescue dog, red nose pit bull Daizy!

Meet Ms. Daizy...


Rough Start

As I sit here with my three year old pit bull, I cannot imagine a life without her. Daizy is a red nose pit whose life started out rough like many pit bulls. Her story is almost relatable by some people I know. Daizy was beaten and left to die with her siblings out in the woods. A woman from Virignia Beach found the puppies at 5 weeks old in very bad shape. Being a kind person and animal lover, she took them to the emergency vet hospital. All the puppies survived, and after a week in the hospital she took one home, Daizy. The others went to an animal foster home until they could be placed with trustworthy families.

She loves her bones and toys!


From Connecticut to Virigina

At the time I lived 500 miles away in Connecticut. Some how I came across an ad online with a picture of Daizy and her story. I won't lie, it made me tear up. The woman had a family emergency and her mother had to move into her home. However, she was allergic to animals and wasn't well enough to take care of a dog while the owner was at work. Daizy at this point was living mostly in a large crate until the owner came home. She didn't want this type of life for the dog and so she posted an ad for $120 which covered her last vet visit.

My family loves Virginia Beach so the location struck me with a plan... I knew I wanted this dog from the moment I saw her picture. I told my kids, "Hey let's take a ride to Virginia for a few days and while we're there let's go see this dog". So my youngest daughter and I took the trip and our first stop after 10 hours of driving was to see little Miss. Daizy.

Baby Steps To A New Happy Life...

Our first car ride home from VA to CT she was scared.

Our first car ride home from VA to CT she was scared.

The Life of Daizy

6 months old and ready to go to her new home!

6 months old and ready to go to her new home!

2 years old hanging out at the beach with mom...

2 years old hanging out at the beach with mom...

Two Years Later And Going Strong

The last two years with Daizy have been great. She has learned some lessons along the way, especially regarding potty training. We do not believe in hitting animals or mistreating in any way. She has her "time-out" spots in the house, and she knows when she has done something wrong. Many times I don't have to say a word, she just looks at me and goes to her "time-out" spot on her own. That always makes me smile and I end up feeling guilty...

When I am not feeling well Daizy knows. She stays by my side or will go and sleep by the front door as a way of protecting the house when she thinks I can't. I trust her more than I trust most people in my life. That is the most honest statement I can make about her.

Daizy Is In Love...

Daizy and 1 month old Liam

Daizy and 1 month old Liam

Daizy Has A New Best Friend, Liam...

My oldest daughter recently had my first grandchild, Liam. Daizy has been around small babies and children before and loves them! We have a church with a school behind my house. I cannot allow her to go outside to use the bathroom during certain hours when the kids are outside. Otherwise she runs off to play with them. The school doesn't have a problem with her it's me having to chase her around the playground! She thinks she is a little kid and wants to play and run like they do.

Humans vs. Pit Bull

Daizy is still very anxious most of the time. Even though she was only five weeks old when found, the abuse she endured is showing to stay a lifetime. How is that different from humans? When a person is anxious and scared because of past trauma what do we do? Most people would be patient and provide a loving hand or hug. But when it comes to animals a lot of people turn defensive. They automatically go on the attack and the reaction of the animal is the same. This is why we have dog attacks. I do not say pit bull attacks because ALL breeds have the potential to attack in the right situation.

The next time you see a pit bull and get scared because he is barking at you, don't jump to conclusions that he wants to bite you. More than likely he is scared and just wants to make sure you mean no harm to him. Stop blaming the breed of dogs and start blaming poor owners of dogs in general. Any dog breed could be subjected to abuse and mistreatment. But in the same thought, those same dogs are very capable of loving and trusting a human again...


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