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Appetite for Work

Mark started his working career during high school while working in fast food.



My first job was at a certain fast food restaurant that has red and yellow as their colors. I had started to work there while I was in high school because there was a girl that I thought was cute, so I had decided to work there. Come to find out, the girl happened to be much older. I believe she was in her mid to late twenties. And I was sixteen. So, nothing ever became of that.

I didn’t have a car, so my parents would take me to work.

I typically worked the registers and took orders. On occasion, I would work in the grill area and cook. I hated it when I would be asked to clean the lobby, then they would have me work on something else in the middle of it. I wanted to be able to complete my assigned tasks and not get interrupted.

There were all kinds of people that worked there. Some that I liked and some that I didn’t. I noticed something with one member of upper management. She was fake in front of customers and acted completely different when they weren’t around. There were times that she was in the office counting money and such and she would be very serious. Then, the next minute, if she was around customers, she would be fake and cheesy with them.

Saturdays were rough because they were so busy. Closing was tough as well. I typically was the one to wash and clean the dishes and equipment when closing. I must admit, after closing each night, it was fun going to every restaurant that was open late at the time.

Good Times

There were funny times there. One time, a friend of mine shot a manager in the face with a sauce gun. At night, I would sometimes do different impressions when working the drive through. One impression was of two guys from a cartoon that was on a cable music TV channel.

Things I Learned

After work, I typically smelled like food. It was hard work and one does not get paid a lot working in fast food. I did get a discount, however. But its tough work and those that work in fast food do not get paid enough.

Admittedly, I was offered small promotions, but I turned them down. I ended up being a trainer, so I would help mentor new employees. I wish that I would have taken the other positions because I would have gained management experience.

One skill that I ended up acquiring, was to be able to keep my cool when customers would freak out because of the most stupid things. For example, if a burger was supposed to be without pickle. Most people would keep it real and not freak out by just taking the pickle off their burger.

In the end, I suppose working there gave me some skills. Also, some of the people that I had worked with I considered to be friends. I was very loyal to that place and worked there for a few years. Looking back, I would have worked somewhere else where I would have gotten more out of it. I tell my kids to never work in fast food.

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