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Appalled by the Morals of Dating

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Article Summary

Appalled by the morals of dating is an article about a woman who is fed up with this new era of dating. Men she doesn't know at all or have not met are sending her naughty texts and pictures. She wonders what compels them to do so. What happened to chivalry? What is wrong with old fashioned ways.

"The Truth About Sexting" by Shallon Lester


Lost by the Dating World

She is a lost and appalled by the dating world.

She doesn’t understand why others ask personal questions before getting to know a person.

She wonders when the world changed so much.
What happened to chivalry? Is it dead? Is there no moral codes for anyone to follow?


Nothing Like the Old Fashioned Way

There's nothing like the old fashioned way of calling on the phone to hear someone’s voice.

Today it is all done on these new smartphones. What a convenience for men who have no real interest in a relationship.

She finds herself confused with this new era of meeting one another.

It seems men are a bit too quick. Or is it because she is older that men assume she is desperate willing to pick anyone just to have a date?


No Real Conversation. Just Pictures

There seems to be no real conversations. There is no date arranged before he begins to ask personal sexual questions.

One's that to her, a lady would not divulge over the phone to a complete stranger.

Then in no time he sends her a quick picture of his private area. She cannot believe what her eyes are seeing.

Do men really believe this is going to make any woman want to date them?

"Why Do Guys Send Naighty Texts Early in the Relationship" by Evan Marc Katz

A Turn Off

To her, it's a turn off.

She will not be contacted by these men anymore. That is one blessing the smartphone does give her the option to control. She quickly blocks their number.

There is nothing wrong with looking at a males physic, but there is a time and place for that to occur.

She believes if one is involved in a trusting relationship they can chose to send private pictures to the one they love, but not to total strangers.


Fascination with Porn

Do men watch so much porn they actually believe this is the type of man a woman really desires?

Is it the type of woman they really want?

She assumes these men must feel a need to boost their own ego, hoping to experience real porn in life, not just watch the videos.


Do They Have Any Idea?

She wonders if they have any idea they are handling this the wrong way.

For a woman has sexual desires too.

First she must feel like she is honestly in love. If this feeling totally reciprocated there are no limits.

She hopes men learn how to treat a lady with respect again. But until they do, she will no longer participate in this new game of dating.

"This is How She Wants You To Text Her" by Nicole at The Attractive Man


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