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Another Beautiful Day

Storm Clouds on the Horizon.

Took a break from gardening and went for a walk. This sky made a gardeners heart hopeful. But alas, the storm went past.

Took a break from gardening and went for a walk. This sky made a gardeners heart hopeful. But alas, the storm went past.

Staying Hopeful in a Dry Garden

Was hoping that last weekend was going to be wet, the ants, living underneath the concrete path to my close line, were hopeful, but not the weather forecasters. There were storms about. Had 30 seconds of nice rainfall, but then the storms went around my place. I could hear them but alas not much rain.

Still I was hopeful, by the look of the sky last weekend gave hope if nothing else. It’s always concerning when there are storms that don’t have a lot of rain in them. But for a while, 30 seconds, I was hoping that there was a chance that the jackpot was about to fall in my patch of ground. Just as well maybe, that the storm didn’t pass overhead. Storms can feel like a lottery, sometimes you lose more than you win, some days just have a set of dynamics that produce server weather.

Summer is on the Way

This afternoon was warm, that is if you call 32°C (90°F) warm. I could be trying to avoid the heat of summer, 32°C is nudging hot more than warm. A hot day in late spring, isn’t unusual. Saying good bye to springs mild weather is not so easy. There is something special about cool mornings, sometimes cool enough to leave ice crystals on the clover, but the warm days are always appreciated.

Summer is coming, just hope for this summer that temperatures hover around 32°C. Not looking forward to a summer when the days want to hover around 45°C (113°F). Don’t enjoy heat saturated days, neither does my garden.

Drought on the Way?

Drought is no-one’s friend, and I do wonder if the devastating drought in the northern parts of Australia is moving south into Victoria. Not that drought is unusual, the first decade of this century was extremely dry. Keeping a garden hydrated was challenge enough but when water restrictions came into force made keeping a garden a real challenge, and yes, some plants just had to do their best with rinse water from the laundry.

Pardon me, I feel that I’m running off a little about dry weather, suspect I’ve seen too many dry years over the last decade or two. There was a time when the rain was better. Hard to remember, nicely wet days seem more of a dream these days. The more recent memories of dry summer days seem to blur as a collection of time spent watering and not much else. I do have town water supply, which makes watering easier. Thirsty ground, on the other hand, isn’t all that easy on the pocket, so sometimes decisions of how much water a tree gets is not made on need.

Only a few drops pitting the dusty road.

Only a few drops pitting the dusty road.

It's Been Dry for a While.

This is a poem I wrote in February. The year has, it seems, leaned towards the dry side of the weather scale. Hoping for some balance next year. Not too wet, and not too dry.

Only Five Minutes

There was rain,

I’m sure there was

More than I’ve seen in a while

The heat dried grass

Still dead looks fresher

Joy for five minutes

Everything loves a shower,

Washing the dust from

My windows onto the ground

Wheels slush in the street

At least I think they do

Wishful thinking. Can I dare,

Complain about the shortness?

It’s the gardener’s chore

That grumbles inside

Desiring reprieve from the battle

To keep life in a garden

Enduring oven blasts

Of intoxicating heat

Only five minutes brings hope

A storm holds promise in grey skies

And remember, dried soil can be persnickety

After a hot dry summer

Takes a while for soils in my garden

To absorb water when starved

Of this most precious substance

That with every drop sees

Plants wake up.

The ants know, when the days

Filled with water come

Their mounds of protection

Have been forecasting for a while

I have to be patient, the ants

Are doing their chores,

Rain is on the way.

At Least the Ants are Working, While I Play with my Camera.

Sometimes ants aren't annoying, this is an encouraging sign.

Sometimes ants aren't annoying, this is an encouraging sign.

I’ve been encouraged by the ants, for the last month or so they’ve been forecasting rain again. Haven’t noticed them preparing for a while. When it comes to rain forecasting, I haven’t seen ants get a forecast wrong. Not long to wait to find out if the ants forecast of good rain is accurate. The weekend is expected to be wet, so as the pros are backing the ants, I’m hoping for the best rainfall since June this year, don’t have long to wait.

Memories of a Wet Day

As a child I can remember chanting ‘Rain, rain, go away. Come back another day.’ This was of course the child’s boredom of being stuck indoors for a week or three. There comes a time when jigsaws, books, games and TV no longer provide a distraction from wet days.

After the last decade or two. won’t say never, I guess it’s how many wet years one gets, but right now, the chant is more ‘Rain, rain, here I am. Today is the other day.’ Think most of the continent is wanting rain. My heart goes out to those who feel this drought is stealing everything their families have worked for. For some it’s generations.

Weather can be Persnickety

Wet Weekend Forecast

Rain, mmm. There’s a hint, time to get the vegie garden sorted. I guess I have something planned for the weekend. I will take advantage of the promised rain and go nuts in the vegetable garden. The time to get this year’s selections out into the ground has come.

What happens if the ants have this weather forecasting thing all wrong? I’ll get to spend my summer watering vegies, and then hopefully eating a few as well. I will remind myself that being out in a summer garden in the cool part of the day, with birdsong, delicate sunshine, and maybe a light breeze is an excellent way to begin my day.

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