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Angels: Pay Them Forward

A Christian whose passionate about God and country. I believe whole heartedly in our Constitution and nostalgia.

Human Angel

Some people believe in angels and others don't. I, personally, am a true believer. I suppose whenever I used to think of angels, I didn't picture a face, just wings and a bright, glowing halo. Until one day I finally saw the face. Let me tell you the edited version of my story and then you can decide for yourself whether or not you believe in angels.

First of all, you need to know that I am a firm believer in God, so when I'm down and out the first thing I do is pray to my Almighty. And that's what I was doing on the back of the bus this late, rainy evening in August, 1996. I was crying my eyes out and praying like there was no tomorrow. I was a single mother without a job and my life was just starting to feel like a never ending series of hurts, frustrations and disappointments and on top of all these feelings, I was broke.

I had a college education behind me and didn't count on it being so difficult to find a job. I searched for months and the best I could come up with was at a CVS that wasn't anywhere even remotely close to where I lived. This might have been fine, but at minimum wage it wasn't going to pay my son's tuition. I took the job anyway, because I was just absolutely desperate at this point.

I am lucky enough to have a wonderful and caring family. So when my mother came home from work that afternoon and saw me crying at her kitchen table, she was more than willing to let me cry on her shoulder and vent my frustration over having to take a job that wasn't going to get me out of the financial hole I had found myself in.

After letting me cry for so long, my mother pulled out her credit card and told me to go shopping for my son's school uniforms. The last thing I wanted to do was have to leave the house with my swollen eyes and a tear streaked face, let alone go shopping. But who was I to look a gift horse in the mouth?, and my son needed uniforms. So off I went.

I don't remember the trip to the department store. I barely remember being in the store. What I remember, like it was yesterday, was the ride home on the bus. I was broken. I knew it. I couldn't take anymore. My son's father had sucked the life out of me. He finally had me believing that I had no purpose and wasn't worth anything. At this point in my life I was out of self-esteem, out of self-respect, out of a job, and out of money. Oddly enough, I was the only passenger on the bus. I made my way to the back and just broke down crying. Then the praying began. I told God that I couldn't take anymore and that if he wanted me to keep going then I was going to need help. I told him I was just too tired to keep fighting. I'm not usually one to beg, but at this point it's exactly what I did. I begged for him to send me an angel. I told him I wouldn't be picky and that the angel didn't need to have a halo or even wings. I just needed an angel that had enough strength to carry me for awhile until I was strong enough to be on my own again. God heard my cries that day. My angel was on it's way.

When I returned home, my mother had told me that one of the companies that I had applied to had called while I was out and was waiting for a return call. I started an administrative position with this company 2 days later, where my angel was waiting for me.

Because the company I worked for was an industrial supply company, it came with a warehouse and a warehouse manager. The first time I met him I knew there was "something" about him, but I couldn't put my finger on it. As I walked by him later that day, he stopped me and asked me how I got the admin job. I told him that I had applied for it and his response was that so had a hundred other people. I just told him that I was special. He smiled and that was the beginning of four years of him building me back up.

Right from day one I could see that everyone in this company just adored the warehouse manager. It seemed like there wasn't anything that he couldn't do. At first I almost found everyone's admiration for this guy a bit strange, but right away I found myself watching him very closely. It became quite obvious if anyone had a question about anything, he was the go to guy. Although he was the work go to guy, for me it became quite more. And from the very beginning he seemed to know it.

Like I said, when I started this job, I felt totally broken. I felt confused about absolutely everything in my life and now I was starting to feel a bit confused about this man who ran our warehouse. He was of average height and build. He had black hair and a smile that could light up the darkest room, but what stood out most about him physically, were his eyes. They were as dark as any eyes I have ever seen. So dark they almost looked black, but they were eyes you could look into all day. I found myself confused because I felt like I should be attracted to him because he was so handsome, yet I wasn't. I couldn't figure it out.

At this point, he had me so mesmerized that I took to keeping a journal and started writing about the conversations we would have while working. I'd write about his behavior and his interactions with the people we would work with. I documented everything I had begun to learn about him. Little did I know at the time, that he already knew me. Not that he had ever met me before I walked in the front door of this company, he hadn't.

Before I knew it, he would start giving me answers to questions I hadn't even asked. It was almost like he could read my mind. He just had a way of always knowing what I was thinking or writing. It was almost like a game to him to see the expression on my face when he would tell me what I was thinking. For instance, one morning on my train ride to work, I was having a silent argument with God. Yes, I know this was wrong, but I was tired of things happening in my life and not knowing the reason why. And like I told you, the warehouse manager was the guy with ALL the answers, work related or not, so as soon as I got to work I set out to find him. I found him on the second floor. The only thing I had a chance to say was "Good Morning". As soon as that came out of my mouth he turned to me, looked me straight in the eye and told me that I shouldn't argue with God, and that I need to just accept the fact that everything happens for a reason. Maybe God would let me know in time or maybe he wouldn't, but it wasn't for me to question. Then he turned around and went back to work. I did the same. That's when it dawned on me that I hadn't been attracted to him, because I was too busy learning from him. I finally knew that this was the angel I had prayed for.

I had the honor of working with this angel for 4 years. And throughout that whole time I always tried to prove him wrong, even though I knew I couldn't. So when he told me I was a lifer at this company where I had no opportunity to advance, I was intent on proving him wrong. I found a new job and when I went to tell him, he just said he already knew. I told him I finally proved him wrong by not being a lifer and he told me what I already knew, that he only told me I'd be a lifer just so I would fight twice as hard to get out. He told me that it was time for me to go and that the only way I would do that was if he told me I wouldn't. Once again, he was right.

I was strong when I left that company back in 2000 and I'm still strong today. I owe my angel my life, but all I can give him is my gratitude. I will forever be grateful to him and to a loving God who answered my prayers that day. My angel left the company shortly after I did and I haven't seen him since. My guess is that he's someone else's angel now. I miss him but it's ok because I believe a blessing that special should be payed forward.

Thank you God and Thank you R.F.D.

Do Human Angels Exist?

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