An Eternal Enigma

Updated on June 7, 2019
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Abacus is a game developer and author, always looking for ways to improve his work. He has written several short stories and two novels.

What is Love?

Everyone knows that love exists. Even so, a common, and sometimes perplexing question is, "What is love?" Love is a complex and vast emotion that presents itself in varying ways. Love is the way a beloved fur-baby wags its tail when it realizes its owner is home. Love is the refreshing sound of laughter; and the brief glimpse of a smile. Love is the way two individuals' gazes meet at just the right moment. Love is their comforting embrace. If one is not sure what exactly love is, they can be sure that, when it occurs, it is undeniably beautiful.

Meeting a Spark

Though love can enter an individual's life in various ways, one of the most common is through a significant other. Though this is not necessarily required to be happy by any means, it can certainly have a positive effect. For those who are more fortunate, love reveals itself when it is not even being sought after. It silently creeps and suddenly sneaks up on someone. An individual will just show up into one's life, and, before you know it, it is difficult to imagine a time when they were not there. At first, their impact within one's life may not be too well noticed. However, that definitely changes.

As time progresses, one may notice that they absent-mindedly think about them throughout the day. In the beginning, it's small.

"I wonder how their day is going?"

"I wonder what they are up to?"

Then, the mind inadvertently wanders to the thought of a life with them; a possible future, or family. With this, a smile sneakily creeps upon the face.


This innocent, honeymoon phase of love can be intoxicating. When freshly in love, it is like the entire world is being seen through a rose-colored lens. The colors everywhere seem brighter in hue, the days become more enjoyable, and, suddenly, and additional purpose is added one's daily life.

Why is it called falling?

For one, it can happen unbelievably fast. Love, though possibly beautiful, can be an overwhelming bus packed full of emotions that hits a person and speeds away without a trace. Though love can be many things, love is not particularly easy. It is worth it though, right? If you persist and climb to the peak, isn't the experience itself inherently worth it.

Yet, why is it called falling?

Falling itself is single moment in time. It is not what led to the fall, nor what happened after. When they say, "falling in love", they do not mention the impact once you reach the ground.

The Impact

Love can take a person from up above the clouds to harshly coming back to the ground. When the high ultimately wears off, it leaves a person alone, and the rose lenses shatter. Little things may be reminders of them; like the trinket from a trip, or the way a stranger walks down the street. Through attempts to move on, it is as though the hole left within one's life will not allow itself to be mended. A part of the person feels... broken, and it can be difficult to pick up the pieces. When you give all of yourself to someone, only to have it rejected, you are left raw, exposed, and vulnerable.

They say it is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all, but, how can you lose something that you never truly had in the first place?

A Storm

Love in itself is like a storm. Clouds begin to roll in, and suddenly the rain pours down. As you embrace each drop, you feel safe and carefree. The blankets of rain surround every inch of the land, as though a protective barrier that nothing could break. With each drop, you sing, smile, and dance as if there were no tomorrow. But, then, silence. The rain leaves as quickly as it arrived and you are left, abandoned on the street, cold and alone.


By no means is every individual's experience with love the same. That in itself is a testament to how unique and large love can be. With that in mind, this specific piece was written during a time where the author was left to experience the darker side of love, and its aftermath. The expressions in this text may not align with everyone's personal experience or opinion.

Personal Experience

Many people often reference the quote, "It is better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all." What are your personal thoughts regarding this?

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© 2019 Abacus D Kin


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    • Asad Dillz profile image

      Asad Dillz Khan 

      12 months ago from United Kingdom

      Abacus am waiting for your another article! I hope You'll publish it soon!

    • Abacus Kin profile imageAUTHOR

      Abacus D Kin 

      13 months ago from Arizona

      Thank you, Asad. That means a lot!

    • Asad Dillz profile image

      Asad Dillz Khan 

      13 months ago from United Kingdom

      well written Abacus! Really appreciative. Good job!


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