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An Assembly of My Favorites

It makes me feel good when I ponder on my list of favorite things. It can be eating my best fruit or getting immersed in my preferred author’s novel. Whatever it is, if it is one of my dearest stuff, I re-bounce in joy and delight. This can be summarized in the first few lines of the good old movie “Sound of Music” song.

When the dog bites,

When the bee stings,

When I’m feeling sad,

I simply remember some of my favorite things

And then I don’t feel so bad.

— Sound of Music Movie


My Best Childhood Photo

The following photo is a favorite because it shows me with my treasured toy airplane. When we first bought it, it had many disassembled parts. Mom helped my sister and me to put them together and assemble them into an airplane with light glowing at the front, moving, then flying a little above the ground, and then again dropping onto the floor, moving slowly, and coming to a halt. This, all those years ago, seemed so dramatic to me that it stayed as an imprint in my memory when I was three years old.

Pic: My Childhood Photo

Pic: My Childhood Photo

My Best Parent

I was closest to Dad. Dad taught me a million things that I carry on still today. Staying close to him all the time, naturally, I loved him all the same. He not only helped me with my studies but also went on sightseeing, taking the whole family along. Dad had high qualification degrees- MS in Electrical Engineering from England and Ph.D. in Computer Engineering from Paris. He always had the job he desired because of his higher education degrees in a pioneering field in his time. So, I was born with silver spoons and never saw any poverty. But when I visited from the city to the village, my heart went out to the not-so-affluent children, unclothed and begging for alms. I realized then how lucky I was.

My Best Sibling

I am closest to my brother, who stays on the floor above us with his wife. He is much younger than me. My two younger sisters, older than my brother had left for the US a long time back and settled there. My brother would always talk of his office stories, and I would give him a good listening ear every time and encourage him to do better and better.


My good friends from the university level are Sharmin and Swarna. They may be available on Facebook, but I hardly log in there. They had been close friends at the university, and I cherish those memories until now.

My best friend from Germany was Haiying (Helen), a Chinese girl. She not only helped me to settle down, but also cheered me up whenever I felt down in spirits. I, too, helped her with corrections in her thesis and presentations. Yes, our bond was strong and good. It’s a pity we have now lost touch with each other.



I mostly love eating bananas and mangoes. As a child, the banana was the first fruit I learned to eat, and loved it. Later as I started growing up, I enjoyed eating mangoes as well.


Till today Mom cooks the vegetables, cabbages, and cauliflowers separately or as a mix of them. I can also cook these vegetables but since Mom enjoys cooking them until today, I let her have her way. And I get to eat and taste them. I love the way she cooks them.

Protein-Rich Food

I love to eat Rui fish, which is abundantly available in our part of the world. I can also fry them the way my mother fries them. But since Mom likes to cook in the kitchen, I let her have her way. Fried Rui fish by Mom is delicious to eat.


Mom used to make custard and pudding in her younger years. They were always very scrumptious. But now, we have eliminated sweet food from our diet as much as possible. I just taste them during family gatherings in restaurants.

Cold Drink

Whenever I need to celebrate something, be it a small achievement, or buying something super good, I celebrate with my family with my best cold drink, coke.

Song Artistes

My favorite song artistes are the ABBA Sisters and John Denver. ABBA songs such as, “I have a dream”, “Chiquitita”, and “Thank You for the Music” allure me all the time. John Denver’s songs such as, “Annie’s Song” and “Seasons of the Heart” always bewitch me.

Seasons of the Heart by John Denver

Novel Authors

Agatha Christie and Sidney Sheldon are my best novel authors. I loved to read Agatha Christie’s murder novels in my younger years. And Sidney Sheldon’s novels entice me until today.


My favorite English movie is "The Titanic", and I love the Titanic song and sing it happily in my leisure hours. My best Hindi movie is "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam." I loved the Hindi story behind it in that the heroine unites with her husband, not her ex-lover. It struck a chord with me all those years back when I first watched it.


My favorite pastime is going through, posting articles, and reading the articles by authors I like. It is a great way to spend time when you have an hour or two free. It has given me immense pleasure and entertainment.

The Seasons of My Country

The seasons of my country that I like are Spring which lasts from March to May, and Autumn, lasting from September to November. In Spring, the weather is very pleasant before it hits the summer months. Autumn precedes winter, and there is a gradual decrease in temperature and humidity. I hate the extremes of weather, whether summer or winter.


Of among so many colorful roses, I love Burgundy ones the best. Sometimes I will buy them myself and put them in a vase in the middle of the dining table. Other times, I will wear them in my hair if they go with my dress.


My favorite bird is a pigeon. They are pure white and symbols of peace, and the sight of them fills up my heart with pleasure. I love the way Bangladeshis release pigeons and balloons high up into the air before inaugurating an event, program, or show. The sight is marvelous and awe-inspiring.


In conclusion, those are all my favorites. I love to dwell on them when I am not feeling my best. Then I bounce back to my previous self, full of jubilance and renewed vigor.

© 2022 Rosina S Khan