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Am I a Thermostat?

Robert is a father, husband, chef, life coach recording artist, sculptor and would love to add "Author" to his list of dreams fulfilled.


When I awoke this morning, it was a bit chilly in the house. In preparation for my morning ritual, it was actually way too cold for this N’awlins boy. Sixty-Six is a very comfortable setting whilst I am cuddled up next to the warmth of my helpmate with our down comforter draped over me.

But to sit at my desk and go through my Miracle Morning life S.A.V.E.R.S., a nice 70-degree spring day climate is more my wheelhouse. I re:Set the thermostat to my liking and felt the warm blast of air hit me in the face as I walked into the kitchen to say good morning to Ms. Keurig and introduce her to my selection of Joe to start the day. Sipping my coffee on the way to my morning secret place, a strong feeling of pleasure enveloped me.

I sat down and got really comfortable, nice and cozy in my arm-less chair, and there in that warm space illuminated by my dollar store scented candle I intentionally filled and released the air in my lungs until I sensed the atmosphere was just right. With earbuds in place and my soul ever so eager to begin the plunge to my nothing place. The place, I like to refer to as “be still and know that I am God”. As I began my descent to that grid square I feel compelled to go deeper to the place that has another “aka”, I refer to as “where deep cries to deep”. Suddenly I hear what sounds like an 8mm vintage projector rolling.

I then see the entire vision of me getting up out of bed, feeling that cold shiver up my spine and scene by scene being played on mind’s flat screen. As my finger is reaching for the thermostat, I see a hand reaching toward my heart and ever so gently adjusting my own temperature.

It’s no stranger though, it’s the Paraclete himself, the “ONE”, that I have given permission to, to make any and all adjustments that are necessary for my life so that I too, am able to create the proper temperature for those around me, the ones that rely on the atmosphere to be just right so that they too can be physically and spiritually comfortable.

You see what happened was a few months ago I unearthed some new tools that have been a real catalyst in my own personal development. I guess you can say that I got sick and tired, of being sick and tired, of being sick and tired, of desiring a change in my life but never getting any boots on the ground. Ya feel me?

You know that tension that lives between belief and action that plagues us all.

What I think that occurred was that the new pair of angels that were assigned to me had devised a plan. They were, “on a mission from God”, in my best Belushi voice. These two witnessed how the previous ones recently returned to garrison. Slap wore out and disheveled. They immediately decided that enough is enough. They made pinky promises that they would do whatever it takes to get me across the threshold.

The day came a few months ago when I knew I was ready to draw the proverbial line in the sand, again. But something was different this time. I can only infer that perhaps maybe I had reached a new level of maturity as a man? Maybe the entire universe heard my sincere heart-cry? It was like a global alliance came together to support my true heart’s intent in creating a new version of me. Me, that I had caught brief glimpses of in my imagination, but the iron shackles of my past held me hostage and kept me in prison clothes.

For years, I felt as though all I did was walk around in circles in my own little private 5×8 prison cell. What I didn’t realize is that it was a strong drink, an illusion, a smoke screen created by the prince of darkness. Until a day arrived that I looked down and saw a set of rusted shackles lying on the floor. After doing so, I was then somehow able to set my gaze on the steel door that seemed to just open on its own. I walked over, stepped out and into the freedom that had already been bought for me. I stood motionless and looked around and I felt as if I’d lost 20 lbs. Everything appeared so much brighter. My hearing was extremely acute, blues were bluer, greens were greener and there was a distinct fragrance in the air, one that I likened to something I had experienced in utero.

So much that I didn’t quite understand in the natural, but I had a quiet, innate-like knowing deep in my craw. At my immediate left and right, I was keenly aware of the two angels that were there standing next to me. I could hear their palms pop as they high-fived each other just over my head.

As a result of that still small voice and the use of what I call spiritual videos I feel I have a deeper understanding and sense and even perhaps an impartation, if you will, of a greater ability to literally change the temperature wherever I am. It’s a quantum understanding of frequency and vibration that I am beginning to get a taste of that has truly, whet my appetite.

Maybe it’s a reward for having served so much time in solitary confinement. All I know is that it’s as real as the air I breathe and may be old news for some but for me its pay dirt.

It is imperative that once we are rescued from the caves that we quickly learn and take hold of our newly acquired skills and weaponry and at all costs be determined to never be held captive again.

In my case, I no longer have the luxury to allow temperatures to vacillate in my environment. I am responsible for utilizing this what by all accounts might as well be classified a superpower of sorts, to change, alter and maintain the spiritual climate in my midst.

With great knowledge comes great responsibility.

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