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Alone for the Winter


A crisp breeze of a September's night reminds me that summer has come to it's end. The sun that brings me warmth and comfort has gone into hibernation, leaving me to try and find a warm body to keep me serene during the frosty months of winter.

I find that my longing for love and affection becomes amplified and thrives in the cold weather. My bed seems a little more empty and my days feel a little more lonely. The holidays come around and I find myself wishing for a soul mate to share the special season with.

Despite my longing for a meaningful connection, I always remember to love myself. I know that someone will come along one day and make sense of my loneliness. In the meantime, I have my friends, my family, and I also have a relationship with myself. A relationship that I couldn't possibly have developed or understood without my years of alone time and self discovery.

© 2021 Nicholas Mercogliano

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