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All of the Adults in Harry Potter Are the Worst

It is a given that the Dursleys were horrible people (they spent their entire time in the series doing nothing but abusing Harry through the entire series), but the rest of the adults in the series are not much better. They know that Harry is being abused, but he is continually sent back to his aunt and uncle, and he is left to their abuses.

It cannot be argued that the other adults (adults who claimed to care about him) did not know that he was being harmed by the Dursleys. At no point did Harry keep it a secret that his aunt and uncle were horrible people, or that they did things to harm him. The other kids in the series even told the adults what was being done to him; in book two, Ron and the twins told their mother (after rescuing Harry from being locked in his room and virtually starved for several weeks), but little to nothing was done to help or protect him by anyone in authority.

It was not long after Harry arrived at the Burrow (after being rescued by his friends) that his school list arrived, and Mr. Weasley said that nothing much got past Dumbledore. This would suggest that Dumbledore likely knew all along that Harry was being abused by his family.

Instead of trying to help him get out of an abusive situation, Harry is sent back to the people that hurt him every summer vacation. It is claimed that he needs to go back to live with someone in his mother’s family (and since his aunt is the only living relative in his mother’s family), because it keeps him safe, but there is no indication that that Dumbledore (who is reported to be the wisest of wizards) tried to come up with any other plan to do anything to protect him.

The most that seems to be done to protect him from the abuse was when a few of the adults who reported to care for him threatened to do something in retaliation against the Dursleys if they continued to abuse Harry. The thing of it is that their threats do not mean much when Harry is continually sent back to them, and nothing is ever done to follow through with the threats.

Going to live with his aunt supposedly protected him from harm, but if his family (the people who were supposed to be protecting him from harm) were also harming him, sending him to them for protection does not accomplish much of anything. The magic that supposedly kept him from being hurt by the most evil of wizards may have kept him alive for a few years, but the abuse that he suffered from would have left damage on his mind and heart for the rest of his life. In reality, the abuse that he went through may have been what eventually killed him.

If it was really important to the adults in his life (the adults who claimed to care about him), they would have tried to come up with another solution to keep him safe (one that would protect him from both the threats from the wizarding world, and the ones from the abuse from his family). There would have been some sort of clue that the adult wizards in his life would have tried to think of something else that would have protected him, and there would have been more done by them to make sure that he was safe with the people that they knew were hurting him.

The fact that none of them do makes them just as horrible people as the Dursleys, and they should not be given so much credit as being people who cared about what happened to him.

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