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All in a Day's Work: Police Car Park

George Xu is passionate about tea, philosophy, literature, magic, and dragons.

I happened to have a lot of fun adventure and stories during my work while being employed in the chemical industry. This is such a case.

It was January 2020, my engineer colleagues went to the City Hall to obtain a Locational Clearance for one of corporation of our masters. Well, that was what I came for. They were to obtain their Professional Tax Receipts in the City Treasurer. We brought the company vehicle and were going to park. However, there were no vacant slots. We saw an empty slot but it has a Reserved sign for the National Police. We were tempted to park there but decided against it. Fortunately, there was a security guard who asked what we were there for, and judging that we won't be long, looked around and let us parked at the police reserved spot. It was awesome! Feeling like da police!

Don't worry, he just gave us a parking slot. It's not like he gave us a badge and a gun.

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