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After Death What!

The deep space of the cosmos we travel to after death is immensely diverse from that on earth. It is blessed with spotless purity

Life after death, is truly distinct, free from all apprehensions of different interest.

The experience of life after death is poles apart, very different. One is sure to say; "When should I die again?

The experience of life after death is poles apart, very different. One is sure to say; "When should I die again?

After death what!

Life out there, after death, is truly distinct, free from all apprehensions of different interests. And it is in the offing, waiting for you. Now, the only tedious and challenging undertaking at this stage is to get an excuse not to be there.

We are attempting to uncover the ever-growing mystery.

The expanse of scenery, the natural tract of land, and the region in which we spent decades of life on earth as mortal beings are entirely different than what is there in the dwelling of the Holy Spirits and the abode of the blessed dead. Everything is free of extraneous elements, pure, manifesting goodness after death. The overall atmosphere is gorgeous and delightful, far better than that on earth. We are relieved of human bondage and sufferings of earthly existence. Logically thinking, the terrestrial conditions are agonizing. The throes of childbirth, unbearable struggle and trouble of youth, and the throes of dying- all collective sequences of materialistic worldly life are distressing, tedious, and difficult.

The experience of life after death is poles apart, very different. One is sure to say; "When should I die again? I am all set for it. I will enjoy the death throes rather than spend distressing days on earth. It is so wonderful out there.”

Therefore, when the child is brought into life by birth as destined, he cries insistently knowing for sure that he came back to doom days only to fulfill his petty and foolish desires and unaccomplished purposes on earth. It brings back the painful memories of life on earth. His cyclical and repeated ordeal of great suffering begins.

Once again, let us take this beautiful voyage. We have now entered the abode of righteous souls after death, the paradise, an intermediate resting place for righteous souls awaiting the revitalization and resurrection. It is an extreme example of amelioration, positively pleasant, an area of unusual fertility and abundance, a promised land of freedom, peace, and abundant blessings. One can cheerfully mingle millions of departed souls in a place of ideal beauty and loveliness where you remain in a state of utter delight. Yet, one hears sacred and profane music of enchanting birds all along the route. The journey takes you through the year-long period of flowering, beautiful blossom of singing fruit trees as if it was the golden age of space. Besides emanating pleasant fragrance, you are sure to observe singing flowers and dancing trees and beautifully silent tuned words of hills and gardens in the taciturn ambiance reserved for the occasion. It is heaven as the ultimate abode, the garden of delights, the place of complete bliss and joy.

Rightly said; “you have entered the place of happiness enjoyed by Adam before the first sin; the Garden of Eden.” So to say, “The Earth Lost and Paradise gained.”

It is a happy hunting ground, the afterlife of glory; the paradise of excellence and beauty.

Even the covering of feathers on birds and the ornamentally elaborate dress of finery is captivating. We stand still observing a bird with brilliant plumage fluttering all around us without any fear, and finally lay peacefully on the sill.

There is plenty of work to do and plenty of time to do the work. Time is not mentioned in this deep space because it has nothing to do with you. You can move at will, anytime, and anywhere with speed. You move in space undisturbed, having no resistance or friction. Everything seems more wonderful and radiant than life on earth.
In our mortal form, we fail to understand the beauty of existence after death because of our lack of knowledge.

One cannot refuse the painful ordeal because it is the natural law of the chain sequence of evolution. The agony of taking rebirth and the reincarnation process remains bothersome once we understand the beauty of life after death.

In the realm of the celestial sphere

Though most people seek externally, spirituality is an inward journey traveling through the mind and the self, keeping our thoughts turning inward, carried forward every day. At the end of this journey, at death, everyone has to shed the outer skin and come in contact with the inner self — the soul. Ultimately, it is the nurturing childhood, and circumstances in which a person is brought up decide the path they prefer to choose.

Every person in this world is born with a purpose, the difference lies in the fact that some realize it, some don't. Spirituality touches that part of you that isn't dependent on material things or physical comforts - it consists of things that make you happy.

Everyone loves to be in the lap of luxury. However, it is a known fact that things don't last. The yardstick of luxury is different for every person. There's nothing wrong with being acquainted with the good things in life, but forgetting to draw the line is dangerous.

The earthly death
If something is likely to happen, probably on the cards, the wind will carry its scent. If ever you feel safe where ever as anywhere and if it is your fate as if you were nominated beforehand, the unpleasant circumstance will be your downfall and an unpleasant, disastrous destiny is sure to get you, no matter where you are! At the same time, one need not fear even a bullet unless it has your number engraved on it.

It is a mental blog due to earthly matters of wants and needs. It is the awakening call for the last thoughtful consideration to remain away from those so tightly bound to earthly delights; earthly possessions and earthly existence. In contemporary life, when the earthbound activities can no longer liberate man from its hold, nature gives an awakening call to comprehend and bring to light the deeper forces and facts with its friendly overture; to overcome existing obstacles, prepare the way; begin, and get started to realize his actual goal of existence.

The physical death on earth is a birth in the Celestial Spheres of refined atmosphere. One feels lightness and delicate attributes almost as light as air in the absence of the physical body. The Realm, not physical rather of ethereal form, now means that something is unearthly, the most subtle elements that bring a clear picture of glory in the absence of bodily pains. At the time of birth in the material world on earth, the navel cord gets detached and the silver cord is formed. When a person dies, the silver cord gets forcibly detached. He crosses the threshold to enter the vivacity of a supreme sphere beyond death, another consciousness of the Ethereal World of Outer Space. Everyone gets scared the moment the word ‘Death’ is mentioned due to the insufficient knowledge they possess of life, death, and beyond.

This is to affirm that life after death is beautiful and one need not fear death.

Death is inevitable and can come about at any moment. When we have made a conscious choice with good intention, using one of the inherent cognitive and perceptual powers of the mind and we have followed the righteous path of our own volition while on earth, there is no need to fear of death. We can joyfully receive death with open arms. This attitude will help everyone to cross over the existing line of good earthly life. After death, many eager souls from the entire outer space will be initiated. So to say, those disembodied spirits from the ethereal expanse will begin to appear. They will receive us in the world of outer space unknown to us so far. The helping hands of divine powers migrated before we will guide us as a family to alleviate our ascend towards brighter space. At this stage, depending on the quantities and qualities of desires we carry with us from the earth, we keep waiting for another birth to occur so as to fulfill them. Till then, we can enjoy the painless sophistication of the outer world. Though we are pure and our soul and spirit are free from many wants and needs, whatever little we yearn for, will drive us towards reincarnation after a certain time.

Unfortunately, we on earth have completely closed ourselves to think about the existence beyond death that truly exists. We normally do not recognize and value the beautiful expanse of life beyond the temporal world because it goes beyond our belief and understanding. It is immediately relevant that worldly-minded people are absorbed in insignificant things and troubles on earth. They no longer attempt to seek the magnificent road that continues beyond the terrestrial sphere which offers still a gorgeous panoramic view of sophistication and beauty beyond in another physical invisible world.

There is a need to break the ice. We need to widen our insight to recognize the sophistication of the path beyond this mundane and temporal life on earth that directs us to an exquisite space beyond.

The deep space of the cosmos in which we travel after death is immensely rare and diverse from that on earth. It is blessed with spotless purity, significant brightness, and wisdom as evidenced.

When all doors are flung open, try to attain the ultimate goal of achieving wisdom
When all doors are flung open, it is now or never.

We are in the Age of Reason and the Age of Enlightenment, some look for the sage advice of inspiration to get away from the life full of misery and riots.

Possibly, it is construed as a boon and divine blessings from celestial beings, all-powerful, invincible, and supreme blissful spirits. In this practical world, these elevated souls can turn and twist the events with their mystical and supernatural powers of the Sixth Chakra – the 3rd Eye to safeguard people and the country from inevitable destruction and as such, could not fail to be of great use of their existence on this blissful land.

And also we talk about the vital transcendental soul and love for spiritual tapings at séance, about sages in India, mentors in spirituality, and philosophers who are renowned for intense wisdom.

In this New Age spirituality without borders, the intense spiritual power symbolizes a state of enlightenment, thereby emphasizing that the Mind, Body, and Spirit are interrelated and that there is a form of oneness and unity throughout the universe.
Natives and inhabitants of Asia believe that spiritual energy from the external environment enters their bodies through the mental getaway. Clairvoyants have developed qualities and capabilities of their inner strength and can see their surroundings clearly through the eyes of the mind.

When every region is saturated in an act of inequity and this planet is under the critical condition of imbalance, in a state of peccancy, guilty of violating all the moral deeds, where incorporeal consciousness is misleading, a human approach associated with the mind, trust, will, and feelings are messed up desecrating religious and moral laws, an unfortunate turn of events bound to be accompanied by the calamitous result of ill-fortune. Under the circumstances, when our mind is in disagreement with our own thoughts, our life is catching with internal struggle for effective peace still unable to locate a harmonious route of purpose, there is no other way but to surrender to the ultimate power, the entire existing life force, which is controlling the cosmos, the universe and everything beyond and unknown. Otherwise, the rule of divine nature has to perform its mysterious act to create a spirit of purity to cleanse the minds of people and the atmosphere as a whole; and a cruel twist of misfortune may occur in a precarious manner exerting supreme power to create a harmonious blend to cleanse and purify the region from all sins.
Those who seek are best read slowly, to savor the subtle flavor of divine aura. It has the power to excite interest something that lends pleasure and zest that claim appeals. Watch attentively and show proper reverence, and I think this book has taken different approaches and unusual interest in every practical sense, is about inspiration, intuition, and reflection of life in the existing world resulting from divine providence and the world beyond. The sage advice declares; “the combination of several lavish standards of living for this mortal life and so the delight involved in aesthetic enjoyment making every strenuous bent of our determined soul should be toned down. The supernatural and divine are the true basis of human life,” is agreeably true. When the bell of change keeps buzzing indicating the brightness ahead, obviously, there is bound to be a clear transformation for the better. It signifies an awakening call, to change our attitude, and expand our sensitivities to the call of the time.

Let us for a while take a philosophic attitude toward life, considering agitated stirred up the mental condition, queer thoughts, and physical agony with level-headed detachment. If you study intensely, all our opinions, feelings, and visions originate and are built on sense impressions. Our intellect, consciousness, and the entire characteristic bodily life form exist as an essence in our mind and body. In our mind's eye, our potential, abilities, and all that hidden power have firm roots in our subconscious mind, the seat of the faculty of reason. Most of the time, on the face of it, there exists without our knowledge the psychic activity just below the level of awareness, the subconscious mind, that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings. It generates sense impressions and memories that affect each vein, tissue, cell, every organ of the body, and bone.

Soul AfterLife
The entire existence cautiously exemplifies charms of supremacy over matter throughout, finely woven sequences, thought them to be the most beautiful things that ever can happen to humanity. Under any circumstances, the reality continues to stand on two basic opposing elements, good or evil and there are only two ways to live our life; one is as though nothing is a miracle and the other is as though everything is a miracle, nothing in between.

We are here to portray an anthology of life and death that also concerns life after death. The door of the mind which you had locked until now is open at this moment. The unseen and unheard mysterious path of baffling episodes is on view at this point. Such thoughts will lead us to think of the soul of a human being, no longer alive, literally migrating in another living person that may shake your old belief. While we're on the subject, you would be induced to pass through it to believe with wonder what the dead soul would have done. It was feared how this unknown soul would perform, the one who was after death, started wandering in the vicinity of the earth and now reappeared in another body on earth. His aspiration of previous life was to accomplish some unusual acts, the desires left unfulfilled. An inexplicable phenomenon, treacherously executed, prevented him from fulfilling his wish.

There is an overall belief that every soul has to go through the cycle of rebirths and hence had to pass through infinite birth-death cycles to arrive at the existing human form.

Therefore, they always attempt to maintain a thread of oneness, singleness as well as a wholeness that connects the Divine. The soul thus undergoes several rebirths and attains spiritual elevation in each of those births. Eventually, he gets closer and closer to the supreme lord.

Ekam Sat, Viprah Bahudha Vadanti. It means, "Truth is one, but scholarly people express it in a different way."

There is one eternal truth, and they all desire that they be liberated forever from earthly evils. However, everyone falls prey to desires of different nature to perform unearthly, outrageous, and bizarre acts.

© 2021 Shyam Gokarn

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