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After Death Rejected Me, I Built a New Life

The HIppie Ghost Band have taught me a new way to heal. I've been a professional counselor for 40 yrs. This is truly amazing.

Death Rejected Me. Divine Gave Me a New Path


Death Reject Me, Now What?

Divine In my first blog, I introduced to you how Death rejected me. It was at that point in time, Presence created a new purpose for me, and the spirit group, who helped me during my critical period. They, The Hippie Ghost Band, were asked if they would teach me another way. Divine hoped I would then teach it to those who might be interested.

Their methods, surprisingly, were new to me. In my mid-sixties, I didn’t know if anything new was out there. Their teachings were nothing I ever witness or read. At the beginning of 2017, the Hippie Ghost Band had me venture out using Facebook podcasts. Through that year and 2018, we taught their philosophy. The principles of the Hippie Ghost Band are unique, but we came to discover words have their own meaning for people. In the end, people blended their teaching with the teachings already executed on earth. The Hippie Ghost Band and my podcasts failed. At the end of 2018, from September through December they went back to the drawing board. In late December they came up with a new way.

The link to Death Rejected Me is at the end of this blog.

Where and Who Is My Spirit

Words get in the way. The Hippie Ghost Band never taught me through words during these past three years. They taught me through experience. The first lesson: I am spirit. We are all spirit. It was time to rediscover, who my spirit is. What did it wish to express while on earth? How could I help it on its journey? They informed me our spirit is with the heart chakra, the right side of the brain and its soul mate is the planet Uranus. Their question for me was; What idealism spoked to me, when I was in my teens?

It was the 1965’s when I entered high school. What was my interest? That part was easy, At that age, the human mind, idealism, philosophy and psychology interested me. From that point, I was able to go back and recall how I wanted to be the female Moses. I also craved, as a child, to go from house to house to tell people they are loved — interesting desires for a shy young girl. It describes me totally in the 1950s. I emotionally craved to let people know they were loved. The Hippie Ghost Band helped me to see I still crave this. As they often said to me, “How many people on the verge of suicide want to give people shelter?” Those were the words I used when I decided to live.

In my mid-sixties, I realized how detached I was from that dream. I didn’t walk with my spirit, which is where my first lesson started. To embrace this part in me, they chose tarot cards. Tarot is a divination that I used over the decades in my spiritual counseling business. I was about to engulf in a new way viewing tarot. Tarot and a character out of a fictional book became my new identity. It brought roads with twists and adventure. Are you ready to embark on an adventure?

Where Is My Spirit? What is It?


Courting the Tarot Court Cards

At the time the Hippie Ghost Band entered my life I lived through the breath of the Queen of Swords from the tarot. This card is an air element. Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the zodiac signs that represent the air elements. Air represents left brain thinking. The Queen of Swords is not the most passionate or caring queen in the tarot, but she can see deception and work through problems. The shadow side can indicate she is using self-deception. She has fallen through the logical side of the victim. The Queen of Swords is often widowed or divorced and by herself. I was widowed and isolated at the time the Hippie Ghost Band Came to teach me. They choose the Queen of Cups for me to embrace and become.

Over the past three years I have learned to take on the roll of this queen. Cups is a water element. Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces are water signs. I do have a lot of Piscean energy in my birth chart. Water expands and embraces nurturing, loving and the intuitive side. All three of these characteristics were missing.

Now I had my tarot court card-Queen of Cups, the next thing requested of me was to pick a character from a novel. I loved Nora Roberts books and related to her trilogy The Circle, so I chose one of the main female characters. I needed to build up my backbone and let myself be vulnerable. I chose Glenda from her book. You might wish to choose a character to act as you are growing into a new you. Have fun with this.

What court card suits you? Queen, King, Knight or page? They started me as the Queen of Cups. Three years later they suggested I embrace the Queen of Pentacles.

Discover what yours is and how to start working with it next time I blog.

Entering A New Persona


The Day Death Rejected Me

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    Over forty years as a spiritual counselor, suicide is one area I have helped many to walk away from. 2015, I tettered in taking my own life. The soul pain I daily lived in became my cry, take my life God. Instead, God put me on a different path. We c

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