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African Knowledge

Lazola Pambo holds a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing from the University of South Africa.

African Knowledge

Before anyone can be a whistle-blower to what I am about to say, I would like to mention that I have the right to my freedom of expression.

All that you will read here is not a definite conclusion, there is always room for further diversified point of views.

So allow me to entice you with what I see, feel on a daily basis from a place I call home.

I doubt that I would be wrong to say, that never have I seen another majestic continent like Africa.

I am further convinced that it has no competition that can contest to it. Forget the occasional lies of us living in a dump.

The bond we have with Mama Nature is an elegant communion. Who can vouch to say that we ‘the people,’ live in a land of natural disasters?

It is a preposterous lie to the people of Africa. How many of us realize or acknowledge the blessing within our continent of not being struck yearly by Mama Nature?

Our ebony skins are not allergic to the golden heat wave. We feel it in the desert, we feel it in the dry savannah landscape, but trust me, the heat does not obstruct our thinking.

Yes, we have other hardships but we never observe these catastrophes with a blind eye.

The state of African minds is that of warriors. You could place us in the most absurd conditions, but we would still not be completely devastated.

We are one with nature. We never take societal beatings with a smile, but we know that such struggles we undertake throughout our lives, is not the definition of who we truly are as the people.

Many of our fellow brothers and sisters occasionally leave our continent by seeking greener pastures in other parts of the world, but it is nothing strange that the majority of our people always return to Africa.

It was never boredom or the cold weather that resulted their longing to be in touch with their roots, although at times such outcomes are part of the reason why.

Let me outline the actual factor here. Africa did not come to existence on cereal. My analogy may seem rather crazy or unclear to many.

What I mean by this is that within the belly of Africa is not a creation of preservation but of the natural order of things.

Already I can hear murmurs from others who are not part of our continent. Who does he think he is to tell us that we are not significant enough from our side?

What is funny is that most people often miss the point when we arrive to such critical issues. I will never follow a brainwashed stigma of belittling my origins.

Why should I even apologize or be lenient within the context of this essay?

I have realized that many who are not from Mama Africa: are not tolerant to the undeniable factor of us being a great continent.

Oh, yes, we are a continent and not merely countries. By virtue of me stating that is another shock to many, of which I enjoy with an upbeat spirit.

It would be naïve and furthermore stupid to say I am Xhosa and my culture is the only superior one in the whole of Africa.

Yes, I am who I am, but I also know and clearly understand that there is no superior culture in Africa, for all cultures are superior in their significant right.

With delight, I have arrived at a learning curve in my life that my surname carries a significant tradition of an everlasting legacy.

Pambo, is my surname, but how would I have known, if not within the fortress landscape of Africa that one of my ancestral descendants in Saint Pambo, an Egyptian Desert Father, who established many monasteries throughout his life.

As much as this knowledge keeps me grounded, I would not prefer to observe my ancestor only in the Egyptian sense, but rather in the African state of mind.

You see, this is not about me boasting or being hot headed about my lineage, because every single African Mother, daughter, Father and son, are closely- knitted with a tremendous legacy from one generation to the next.

No matter how the modern age may continue to evolve and new robotic technologies may be invented, what sustains us in order to never be lost, is the realization that we are greatness and we should never think otherwise.

For such a reality, is another thought-provoking account, that leadership is dominant in Africa and I agree that one cannot afford to being misled by the money hungry scavengers of men and women, dressed in fancy suits, occupying illegal hectares of land, trying to fool their own people that they want to bring about an immense righteous change in our continent.

Africans are fully aware of these people and will never let them astray for one bit: for the truth always has a funny way to conquer lies before the people can even put on a fight.

The Africa I know is not a landscape filled with temples of brothels. It is the aura of tremendous wildlife of such great magnitude.

I count my blessings for living in an age, where I can see the grace of a brave lion, the strength of a rhino, the heist of a sprinting cheetah and the gentle eloquent movements of a grey elephant.

Remember when I said that we are one with nature, it is not shocking that certain creatures are from the heart of Africa alone.

One of the reasons that is so, is also highly hidden in the order of things. If man was created to be in tune with the heated weather of Africa, so was it decided that certain animals shall be aligned accordingly.

So, am I saying that man is the same in nature with an animal?

Of course, that can never be the overall case, but in many respects, there is so much familiarity with animals and us besides the unavailability of not being able to speak the same language or dine together.

What these television networks often broadcast is not the true story.

How often are we classified with that cliché image of dangling around the vicinity with animal skins on our backs?

So what if we do wear animal skins at times!

What these unqualified reporters miss out, and when I say ‘unqualified,’- I mean it in the spiritual sense of not being able to see the truth beyond the naked eye: that Africans, and now I mean real Africans, who cherish their heritage, with all of their might, are definitely not conformists of this world but rather transformers beyond the simplistic.

Maybe someone else not from Africa would be embarrassed to wear an animal skin.

Still, I beg to differ because Eskimo’s and Asians have always done so in history. What I find degrading is when such is done by an African, the ones with the golden telescope, ridicule us as being nomad’s or worst of all being illiterate about who we are as a people.

Do some of these folks even know their identity, I often find myself asking.

By virtue of them creating a laughing stock about our continent, does that heal a wound within themselves? If that should be the case, then hell, I vouch to say, with not a slight relief, but more of astonishment, that we are certainly living in interesting psychotic times.

© 2022 Lazola Pambo

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