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Adventure Down Chemo Lane

My boyfriend is diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Everyday we encounter new details on this life changing nightmare. The road is not easy.

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Adventure down chemo lane tells about our trip today for his fourth chemotherapy session. Shortly after we wake up the snow begins falling. We make the drive on an old country U.S. Highway to Foster Boyd Cancer Center in Wilmington Ohio. I'm not allowed in today due to an increase of Covid-19. I wait outside in the truck while he goes inside for treatment. We communicate texting with our cells phones.

Our visit today hits a snag. Chemotherapy for today is canceled.

"Jason Mraz - I Won't Give Up"

Foster Boyd Cancer Center


Another Round of Chemotherapy

Today Ron drives us on snow covered roads for his journey to The Foster Boyd Cancer Center to start another round of chemotherapy.

This is his fourth session of intravenous drugs to help destroy his lung cancer.

He has a port on the right side of his chest so it’s easy to access. He doesn’t have to worry about the nurses finding a vein in his arm. That can be painful if it doesn’t work on the first attempt. Soon your arm becomes a pincushion and you are left with bruises.

Snow Covered Ground


It's Snowing

It just started snowing before we left this morning. It is a wet snow. The kind one needs to build a snowman.

This is our first real snowfall and it is falling at a pretty good rate. The ground is already covered and it’s only been snowing for one and half hours.

U.S. Highway 22


U.S. Highway

We travel on a U.S. Highway which has two lanes, one in each direction. It is basically an old country road with two lanes.

The road has a little bit of slush on it, but it is not too bad yet. It takes him about forty five minutes to drive here from where we live.

We pass through one little town on our drive here.

It is usually quite a scenic drive since it is mostly a farming community, but today not so much. The animals are all taking shelter from the snowfall. No cows, horses, or donkeys seen today.

Just the cold brisk wind with snow flakes falling down. Yet somehow it seems magical. I guess it's that feeling one gets when he sees the first snowfall of the season.

Right Before Today's Chemotherapy


Stuck Outside Waiting

Once again I am stuck outside in the truck since the coronavirus numbers have spiked in our area.

We are communicating by texting with our cell phones. Guess technology does have a few advantages.

It’s 32 degrees but I am toasty warm. I hope sitting out here watching the snowfall gives me some inspiration.



Hit A Fork In The Road

Well today we hit another fork in the road. His chemotherapy is canceled. The doctor wants to do a CT scan of his chest since he has been having cramps in his ribcage area.

His white blood count is just a little high too. A prescription for an antibiotic has been called in for him to take for the next five days.

He is told it may be a complication with the chemotherapy medication or he may have an infection in his lungs. Either way is not good since we are prolonging his treatment, but they say everything happens for a reason.

We had previously postponed a treatment the day before Thanksgiving so he could enjoy the day with family, but that hit a snag when the coronavirus numbers went up in our area forcing us to spend Thanksgiving by ourselves.

It turned out to be a nice day. We fixed a turkey and most of the trimmings, including dessert. Even though he is a diabetic, he said Thanksgiving just wouldn't be the same.

All the food turned out good. No disasters in the kitchen and his numbers for diabetes didn't go too high.

It was definitely different from Thanksgiving's of the past, but it was relaxing and comfortable sitting at home.



Waiting For The Phone To Ring

So now we are back home waiting for the all too familiar phone to ring. Waiting seems like one of the hardest parts because we have absolutely no control over it.

They must first contact the insurance company to get the procedure for his CT scan approved. Then I am certain the hospital will make him do another Covid-19 test before we arrive at theur doorstep.

The plan is for this to go quickly. We have his next chemotherapy treatment set up for next Tuesday, so we have a short window of time to get it done.

In the meanwhile while we wait, we will be decorating the house for Christmas. We went out last night and he purchased a prelit 7'5" frosted Amelia pine artificial Christmas tree, a prelit Christmas wreath and garland for the mantel.

It looked absolutely beautiful in the store. We cannot wait to get started. We are hoping for the best since we have kitty cats roaming inside. We have never tried putting up a tree before because of our furry friends, but this year we making an exception.

This is going to be a year to remember.



"Kenny Chesney - Me and You"


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