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Accepting New Beginnings in Life

Since I used my gifts all my life without second thought, I began to write about the most important events to help others understand

Sunset on Ingleside On The Bay

Sunset on Ingleside On The Bay

Life Changing Events

Many believed they understood when I said, "That I literally am starting over". But how could they? I never spoke of what happened or how I ended up in this place. Only those who survived Hurricane Harvey and lost it all could understand. It was so much more than just losing your belongings, it was a life-changing event.

I understand what so many down here in the Coastal Bend have been through, and what they are still going through. How do I know? Because my old life just stopped. Everything I owned and cherished was gone in a blink of an eye. I was starting my whole life from the ground up.

Now a new life is in front of me, and I embrace it with an open heart and open arms. I shed the old way of thinking and enjoy the simple life. This new life enlightens me to a higher understanding of what is truly important in life. This new life has set me free to be me. In a place that truly understands the value of life.

With this new knowledge, we have come to understand past life experiences. My intuitive self has always been guiding me in the way I needed to go. I never thought twice about it. It was a part of me I had accepted unconditionally. I didn't know that it was a gift from the Universe. I just believed that was how life was.

The last three months have been a Spiritual Awakening that has taught me so much about myself, things I didn't know I could do. As I learn and understand who I am, I will share my past experiences with you, and show the path I have always been on and didn't realize it.

A little row boat sitting on the boat slip.

A little row boat sitting on the boat slip.

Trusting Your Intuitive Self

When I was young, my Great Grandmother, Creek Choctaw Healer, began teaching me to use herbs to heal my body instead of modern medicine. This became a way of life for me. I do it without a second thought.

She always told me that if I observed nature and listened to and for the animals, I could predict the weather. So this too came without thinking about it. I could and still can predict when a storm or rain was coming. It became second nature to me to instantly understand what nature was telling me. I would close my eyes, listen and feel my surroundings. This is when I started looking at the moon every night.

The most important thing my Great Grandmother taught me was to trust my gut feelings. She said, listening and doing what my gut said, I would stay safe. Because she taught me this, I accepted it as a normal part of life. It has repeatedly saved my life.

My first true test came when I was in my early twenties, and I'm glad I trusted the overwhelming feelings in my gut.

I was out walking around when a car full of my friends pulled up. Normally I would have just hopped in the car without question. But this day was different. My intuitive self told me to do not get in the car. A strong feeling of grief and sadness overcame me, so I refused to go with them. I begged them not to go, but they went anyway.

I have never spoken of this event to anyone. You are the first.

The following morning, I received the tragic news. My friends had been speeding down a dirt road, hitting a bridge, flipped the car and mowed a field with it. The only person to live was the driver. But even he was never the same again. He had no memory of anything. Not how to eat, not how to go to the bathroom, not even how to talk or move. He had lost all ability to function. He had to start his life as an infant again.

Because I listened to my intuitive Self, I am alive and here today. This has kept happening throughout my life. As my new understanding comes to me through the Universe, I accept my intuitive gifts as blessings, not curses.

That AH-HA Moment

But the Universe is not done teaching me, as I learned a few nights ago. I was shown another gift that I had throughout my life and didn't know it. I had been using it daily and had no idea. With my new knowledge, it all makes sense to me now. Let me explain.

I have always had strange eye problems. The doctors believed it was a type of color blindness because I see colors differently than others do. The colors you see, are not the colors I see. I would always about the color something was, everyone always said no it's not that color. So I accepted I saw things differently. I hadn't really given it any thought, until the other night.

My ah-ha moment came as I was looking at the moon the other night. Since I do this most nights and have for as long as I can remember, the message was loud and clear to me. I always enjoy talking to the moon as a way of releasing all my stress from the day. But the moon was different tonight. There was a blue ring around the moon and a ball of energy around the blue ring. I knew then what I was seeing was the moons Aura and understood at the moment, that is why I saw colors differently. I didn't see the color, I was seeing the Aura of people, animals, and objects. This is why I never saw the material color.

This journey I am on has only just begun for me. I will write about both my past and present experiences and share with you. As the Universe and my Intuitive Self lead me to the knowledge I need, my Spirit Guides will help me understand it.

I accept my gifts with appreciation and thanks. I hope sharing my experiences will bring understanding to someone else and let them know they are not alone.

I am energy. I am light. I am Nature's Whisperer. I embrace it.

© 2018 Joanna Blackburn

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