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Am Never Growing Tired of You


Most of the time I know it seems like am forgetting your existence in my life, at times I know you feel like am literally ignoring you or probably just giving you reasons for us to fight. Other times it seems like have grown tired of you and worse , it seems like I don't need you around me no more....
I know this cause I know you. Sometimes, it's true, I just want to give you a reason to actually miss me. Other times am just hoping for some drama between us, to light up our little heaven. But one thing for sure, am never forgetting you. Am never forgetting us. Am never growing tired of you either.
It's one thing for me to forget who I am, but it's a different thing me trying to even forget who we are. It's easier for me to get over my addiction to coffee than me trying to act like I don't need you around me all the time.
I can't really describe who you are, because words can't actually be enough . I can't even imagine how life would be if you hadn't stopped by. I don't what to think about the many times I would have just cracked if you weren't here to stand by me. I don't know how life would be if I hadn't taken that chance with you.
Sometimes I just need you to snag me. Look me in the eye with your hand on my chest and remind me of our favourite tunes, maybe even sing them to me if possible.
It's not everyday that people like you fall from heaven and mend a broken soul. It's not everyday that strangers mean everything they say. .. It's not everyday that someone actually carries more hope in you than you do yourself.

Its not everyday that am assured you'll come back after our fights.
And it's an everyday kinda thing for me to always say I love you.
I love you. And I mean it more than my words ever seem to express.

Have never been good at anything before, but I'll l do my best in making sure that you stay with me forever .

© 2019 Amani Utembu

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