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A second thought on “I am positive”


I always talk to people and mention how positive I am, having a positive mindset and a positive soul is all I speak about. Feeling low and demotivated….Oh, what’s that. I stay away from these words. But this is not the “The True Reality”.

Yes, The True Reality. I know I am very strong. However sometimes it feels like I am standing still and watching the dark mid night sky. But there are no stars to please me. My inner self is just vanished with the burden and weight of my Unstoppable thoughts. I can feel the loop. I can feel the storm.
To escape, I try to avoid those situations. I avoid to make the most important decisions in my life. I know this is wrong, but it seems easy. I feel deep sorrow doing this. But sometimes taking that small simple step is forceful.

However I am aware that there is one hidden peace of me who has that courage. To step forward, to fight and to hold me. “Par tab bhi, main darti hun…”

© 2021 Priyanci Jain

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